World of Warcraft Guilds: What is a Guild and Why You Should Care!

Guild Finder


If you are like me, you may wonder why people are attracted to joining guilds. After all, if I really wanted to be a social animal, I would be going out with friends instead of sitting in front of a computer all day. Besides, who wants one of those silly names enclosed in brackets over their head all of the time? I played for an entire year without joining, or creating, a guild. I finally gave in though and started my own. If, like me, you have ever wondered why you should join a guild, let me tell you.

What’s in it for Me?

There are so many great reasons to join a guild. Hey, I think I will make a list:


  • You can meet a lot of really cool and interesting people.
  • You get lonely and you just like to talk . . . a lot!


  • Guilds have their own bank vaults. Most guilds will let you take a needed item from the bank. Just don’t abuse this privilege or it could get you kicked out.
  • Imagine this- You have a bunch of gems in your bank but none of your toons are jewelcrafters. You really want that Vicious Ruby Choker but you don’t feel like spending the gold. No problem. Talk to one of the several jewelcrafters that is bound to be in your guild. He or she gets the experience and you get the item.

Raiding and Other Events

  • Guilds usually participate in raids, battlegrounds, challenges, etc.

Guild Perks

Depending on the level of your guild, there will be a number of perks available to the members. Just a few of the perks may be increased speed, increased rep, special mounts, increased honor points, and many more. For a complete list of perks, see

So How Do I Join a Guild?

Rule #1- Find a guild appropriate for your level AND playing style. There are numerous guilds out there with all different goals. There are guilds that skill, raid, battleground, and do all of the above. There are guilds for lower levels, higher levels, teens, adults, girl toons only, guy toons only, and on and on and on.  Rule #2- Follow these steps:

  1. Check out the online forum for your realm at Scroll to the bottom for the Realms section.
  2. Look through the Guild Recruitment forum at
  3. Use the WOW Guild Finder. It’s the icon that looks like a flag. Note- You cannot use the guild finder until you have chosen a faction to be part of, whether it is Alliance or Horde.

Under the Settings tab, check off what your interests are, availability, and your class role. Then click on browse guilds at the bottom.


You will receive a list of guilds that you can choose from. You can see the guild level, the name, and a description. Once you find a few that you like, it’s a good idea to ask around about the guild. If you have decided on a guild you would like to join, click on Request Membership. Now, you just have to wait for a response. Don’t pester the guild members; they are busy and will get to you as soon as they can. If you are tired of waiting, I would suggest that you find another guild. In any event, you should know shortly if you have been accepted.


Don’t Be a Noob

Here are some sure-fire ways not get kicked out of a guild:

  • Always be polite to other members.
  • Never beg for items or money. The guild isn’t there just for you.
  • Do not make commitments that you cannot keep. Don’t tell everyone you are going to make a raid event if you don’t feel like showing up.
  • Don’t bad-mouth your guild and think it won’t get around. It will.
  • Do not be greedy and “need” everything in an instance. If you don’t need it, greed it. If you know someone else in the group needs it, you can pass on it or trade it later.
  • Please do not play the “my mount is bigger than your mount” game. It’s just childish.


Can’t I Just Create My Own Guild?

Why yes, you can create your own guild. I must warn you . . . creating a guild is not simple. You have to collect signatures, create a tabard, choose a great name, and work work work to level your guild up. If you want the perks of a level 25 guild, and I’m sure you do, you must work to get to level 25. Every guild starts at level 1. It is only through experience, and a lot of playing time, that you can increase your level. I have seven toons and my guild is still a level 2. Have no fear; it can be done. There are plenty of people who raise their guilds to level 25 on their own, sell it for a hefty profit, and then start all over again.