What are World of Warcraft Add-Ons and How Do You Get Them?


If you are a World of Warcraft player, you have probably heard people discuss what add-ons they use. You may be new to the game and have never heard of an add-on. Maybe you are a seasoned player but you just don’t know which add-ons to use. After reading this article, you should feel comfortable using add-ons and choosing the ones best suited for your gameplay.

What is an Add-On?

An add-on is an app that individuals create to help their gameplay. Add-ons are not cheats. Blizzard Entertainment, the creator of WOW, designed the wow interface to be compatible with the installation of add-ons. The add-on itself is programming code that runs simultaneously with the game to alter the appearance or functioning of the interface.

Why use Add-Ons?

Simply put, add-ons make life easier. There are add-ons for every category- combat, auction, banking, mailboxes, pets, and many more. Perhaps you want to know how much damage you are doing in a group raid. Maybe you are looking for that elusive cooking recipe. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, there is an add-on for that.



How to install add-ons

It is very easy to install add-ons thanks to add-on installer clients. You no longer have to copy and paste coding into game files. All you need to do is download an add-on installer of which there are several. The two most popular installers are Curse and Wowmatrix. I prefer Curse and will be using it for the following instructions.

  1. Choose the installer you wish to use. I will be using Curse. When you get to the homepage, click on the “Downloads” tab.

 2.  You will be directed to a page with a list of games. Choose “World of Warcraft” and you will be taken to the add-on page for Wow.  If you know the name of the add-on you want, you can enter it in the search box. Otherwise, scroll down.

3.  The page layout is very nice. For your convenience, you can browse add-ons by character class or by category. If you click on the add-on name, you can find out more about the add-on such as description, player rating, and more. It is very important that you write down the names of any add-ons you may want. You will refer to this list in a later step.


4.  After you have your list of add-ons that you want, it is time to download the client. Click on the “Downloads” tab at the top of the page. This will take you to the client download.

5.  You will see two downloads to choose from, “Curse Premium” and “Curse Client.” The Premium version will cost about $30.00 a year. The choice is yours, but I would go with the free version. Assuming that you would prefer the free version, go ahead and download “Curse Client.” The client will download and install. When it is finished, open the Curse program by clicking on its icon.

6. Your program will look something like the following screenshot, only your “My Addons” tab will be empty.


7.  Remember the list of add-on names I told you to make? Well, here is where you use it. Enter your first name into the search box and hit enter. Find the add-on you want and click on “install.” When your add-on has installed, search for the second name on your list. Keep following these steps until you have finished with all of your add-ons.

8. When you are finished, close your curse client and start WOW. You will now see a button on the screen for your add-ons.


9. Click on the “AddOns” button to make sure your add-ons are enabled. That’s it!

What are the best add-ons?

This is tricky question to answer. Mostly, the best add-ons are subjective. In other words, everyone has their own favorite add-ons for different reasons. You might find yourself installing and uninstalling various add-ons before you find the ones best suited to your gameplay. The following list is comprised of the add-ons that appear most frequently when players discuss the ones they have.

1. Deadly Boss Mods

Great add-on for raids. Sends alerts when a boss is going to use a special so you can be prepared. Also sends auto responses to messages.

2. Carbonite

Map add-on with great detail. Shows quest destinations and npcs.

3. Recount

Another great add-on for raids. Shows you how much damage you are doing compared to other members in your group. You can also see what specs you use most.

4. NPC Scan

Tracks hard to find mobs.

5. Titan Panel

Adds extra action bars to your screen.

6. Bagnon

You know how annoying it is to open every bag in your inventory to find an item? Bagnon combines all of your bags so you can open them all at the same time with one click.

7. AtlasLoot Enhanced

This add-on will show you all of the possible drops from raid bosses as well as the percentage of drops.

8. Overachiever

Tracks your achievements. The add-on lets you know which recipes you still need, what food you need to eat and more to complete the achievements in WOW.

9. Daily Grind

 Auto-accepts and completes dailies. Your dailies history is kept for all of your toons.

10. QuestGuru

This add-on helps you keep track of which quests you have completed.

This list is not exhaustive. Again, you might find that you will use all of these add-ons, a few, or maybe even none. The most important thing is that you enjoy the game!