Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Assassin’s Creed Revelations is finally here, and is the thrilling fourth installment in Ubisoft’s crazy historical action/stealth game. Personally, I never thought I’d like this game back when the first one came out, but I played it and it took me until I beat the game to realize how enveloped I was. Assassin’s Creed as a whole is amazing, and certainly has a historical feel to it, with the architecture beautifully representing whatever setting Ubisoft decides to throw you at. This specific game received a solid 8.0 from many reviewers and I stand behind that review 100%.



Revelations features many changes to the core gameplay, and this is certainly welcomed by all players. I won’t spoil the story but the game has you meeting historical figures and participating in the life of Altaïr Ibn-LaAhad, Ezio Auditore, and the main hero, Desmond Miles. Combat is improved, traveling is vastly improved, and overall, multiplayer has been given a great amount of attention. There is a new Deathmatch mode and “Artifact Assault” which is a Capture the Flag type game.


The story has new elements to play with, as well as new locations and new items. It will bring you across the country of Turkey, mainly Constantinople. Multiplayer offers a new range of customization for your character, including emblems to display on your character. While waiting to join and participate in a game, you can now watch the other players in action until your turn to bat comes up. There are new rewards, weapons, pre-order game weapons, and characters to experience in multiplayer, and this keeps the game exciting for a longer period of time. The Hookblade becomes your best friend as a means of travel whether it’s on or offline. The combat feels as intuitive as ever, and best of all, counters and assassinations feel as brutal as ever. Ubisoft went so far as to release a beta for Revelations to ensure they perfected their recipe for multiplayer in a hide and seek game like this. The game also features side quests in the form of Challenges for the player to complete in the single player campaign. These include challenges from different Guilds in the game such as the Thieves Guild, Assassin’s Guild, etc, and Bomb Challenges.



The world in Revelations looks beautiful and will have you stop and stare while you’re exploring the land of Turkey. As you run into key figures in history, you will also run into packed cities, villages, farms, and elaborate chapels.  Landscapes are rendered in an amazingly realistic sense, with an accurate scale, and of course, the series’ mainstay, climbable buildings. Character models and textures have also seen quite the improvement, and everything else from huge mountains to Ezio’s mustache look great as well.   No matter how nice the graphics are, though, Desmond Miles will always look like Adam Sandler to my eyes, and Lucy Stillman was spot on to her inspiration of Kristen Bell, but sadly she doesn’t appear in this game. Facial expressions appear to move nicely, and it’s refreshing to see the characters with so much life, doing their historical counterparts justice at every turn.



Assassin’s Creed was never a game to say “Oh I love this song! I want to put down the controller and listen to it for a bit!”, but the music certainly flows through nicely.  As things pick up, so will the music, whether it’s a chase scene, a horse riding scene, or a solemn death. The game is a stealth game, so there will be a lot of silence in terms of the score, but the ambiance is nice, and footsteps and NPC actions are loud and clear. The silence is deafening at times, due to the high tension while stalking your prey. While traveling, or falling from a high height into a pit of hay, the sound of things you pass by is phenomenal. You can treat your ears even more by playing this game with Turtle Beach headsets, giving what players call the “Turtle Beach Advantage” in multiplayer.



Pick this game up whenever you can, because it provides awesome multiplayer that will stay alive until a successor releases, and it provides an epic single-player story mode. It’s a good length for a game, and fans of the franchise will enjoy seeing all of their questions unravel throughout the story. You will meet key characters such as the elusive Subject 16, and Desmond’s father. Ezio is a bit older now, but with age comes skill, and it certainly shows in his playing style. As with the recent games in the series, DLC is available as well as pre-order bonuses. It is a great buy and I highly recommend purchasing this game if you want a good story, and good multiplayer, although I would shy away from Revelations if it is your first game in the series.