Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Assault Rifles

There are many weapons used in the globally popular tactical first person shooting game by Valve Corporation. All the weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages and are mainly categorized into knives, pistols, sub-machine guns, machine guns, rifles, and grenades. Rifles are further subdivided into two varieties: assault rifles and sniper rifles. Here, we shall talk about one of the most popular and most used CS weapon: assault rifles. So, which assault rifle should you use in a situation? Continue reading and you might just find the answer.

Colt M4A1 Carbine

The Colt M4A1 Carbine costs $3100 and is the most favorite weapon of counter-terrorists. Why? Let us take a look at some of its technical specifications first: 5.56 NATO caliber, 30 rounds maximum magazine capacity with 685 RPM rate of fire, 1570 joules of muzzle energy powers up the 2900 feet per second muzzle velocity. If those are not enough reasons then you can add to the list its ability to be fitted with a silencer for sneak attacks. Plus, it is a very powerful gun with high rate of fire and it is more accurate than the AK47. Fire only few times for it to be more effective and crouch whenever you plan to plant a head shot to your opponent for a sure hit. Put the silencer on when your opponent’s team is in clear view to give you higher chances of killing more of them in a sneak attack. The Colt M4A1 is a great gun deal for your money.

SG552 Commando

The SG552 Commando is a $3500 terrorists only weapon from Switzerland. It is made with 5.56 NATO caliber and packs in 30 rounds of magazine capacity with 727 RPM rate of fire. In addition to the aforementioned technical specifications, the SG552 Commando comes with a usable scope for long range combats, 1570 joules of muzzle energy and 2900 feet per second muzzle velocity. Terrorists that are aggressive would most likely use this weapon even though it is quite expensive. Though it is less powerful than AK rifles, the Commando has a built-in scope that will help you in long range combats. If you want more accuracy then you only have to switch to the burst fire mode of the SG552 Commando. In fact, you can kill your opponent in just 5 to 6 shots in long/medium range fights. However, the kick or recoil that the SG552 Commando brings is just too nasty. Remember to crouch when you are going to use the scope and when you think that an enemy is hiding near you, try to fire through doors. But with those in mind, the SG552 is still a pretty decent all-around assault rifle.


AT $2500, this terrorists only weapon originating in Russia easily became one of the most favorite weapons that CS players use. It is a 7.62 M43 caliber assault rifle capable of accommodating 30 rounds of magazine capacity with 600 RPM rate of fire. Its 1992 joules muzzle energy is partnered with a decent 2329 feet per second muzzle velocity. The AK47 is considered a classic in CS. Many CS players often use the AK47 as their only weapon as it is a versatile gun and could be used in any map. It is powerful enough and has a high rate of fire. Try to remember that the AK47 is not good to be used when you need more stealth and never hold back when you are near your opponent. Furthermore, it is a rather accurate rifle especially when used in small bursts. You can easily kill many opponents in close quarter combats. 5 good shots will kill any opponent in long rage fights. Overall, the AK47 is a very good weapon option.

Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG or AUG is a $3500 Austrian counter terrorists only rifle with 5.56 NATO. Its magazine capacity is 30 rounds and it has a 727 RPM rate of fire with 1570 joules of muzzle energy and 2900 feet per second muzzle velocity. Plus, it also has a built-in scope which you can use to plant good head shots to your opponent when in long range fights. This SG552 Commando counter terrorist equivalent is rather more powerful and more expensive than the Colt M4A1 Carbine. For snipers, it is a good training gun before proceeding to more powerful rifles. Use it on maps with a number of open spaces and on the early levels of the game. Also, remember to crouch and use the zoom function whenever you are using it to maximize its capacity. In general the Steyr AUG is a very capable rifle and is a great gun especially in burst mode.


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