Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Grenades

Grenades are one of the most difficult to handle weapons in Counter Strike. Why? These weapons are irretrievable once they are thrown. Only the most skilled payers can use a grenade to its fullest potential and inflict the most damage to its enemies. Bounce them through walls and make them in corners so you would not be hit when it explodes. At least one damage can be inflicted to your enemy with each grenade that you throw. So, it is possible to kill an opponent using either a smoke or a flashbang.


Flashbang Grenade

The Flashbang Grenade or FB is a $200 weapon limited to only 2 pieces per player. It is a cheap weapon considering the benefits that you get from it. You can use this grenade to prevent your enemy from hitting you or inflicting further damage to your health.

What the Flashbang Grenade does is to blind anyone that sees its explosion. When it explodes, everyone that has seen the event will be blinded for a few seconds even you and your teammates if you do not look away immediately after throwing it. To avoid being a victim of your own attack, throw the flashbang on a wall and let it bounce to a corner. If the flashbang attack did not affect your enemies, they would most likely take cover and be in a position wherein you could strike a good attack. If they are hit by the flashbang attack then they would be blinded. The few seconds of blindness would give you a chance to give a quick slash of head shot or a sneak attack your enemy to inflict high damage and possibly kill them in the process.

If you are the target of the flashbang attack then you have a few options up your sleeves. First, you can turn 180 degrees from the flashbang when it lands in front of you. This is to be done when there are no covers available for use. Turning around does not negate the effect of the flashbang, rather, it only minimizes its effect. Second is to open fire on your opponent if the grenade is still not thrown. And lastly, if you have a flashbang, throw one in the direction of your enemy’s flashbang.

Smoke Grenade

Each CS player can only carry one smoke grenade. This $300 weapon releases a large volume of smoke when it explodes. The smoke is enough to cover more than six square meters of area. The smoke produced by the smoke grenade is beneficial for the thrower. Why? The center of the explosion area contains denser smoke and becomes thinner on its edge. Players outside the smoke chaos can easily see the players trapped in the explosion and could then use this opportunity to open fire at their opponent. It could be used similar to how you use a flashbang. However, it does not contain a timer; rather, the smoke grenade explodes right after it stops rolling on the ground.

CS players use the smoke grenade for three main things. First, the smoke grenade is used to conceal their actions whenever they move out of their covers. Second, players use this to disorient their enemies and blind them to allow their team to freely roam the area and then conduct an open fire. Lastly, CS players use this for defense. Smoke grenades are used to stop opponents coming out of a room from attacking them.

Use the smoke grenade with a machine gun to perform an open fire attack wherein your enemies are completely disoriented and helpless. The two weapons is a lethal combination.

High-Explosive Grenade

The High-Explosive Grenade is the same price as the smoke grenade. Each CS player can carry only one of this $300 weapons. Unlike the two aforementioned grenades, this type explodes a few seconds after it is thrown even when it has not reached the ground yet (quite impossible to happen). When exploding, the High-Explosive grenade will hurt you and your teammates could even when the friendly fire setting is turned off as long as you are in the reach of the explosion. The extent of the damage inflicted by this grenade depends on how far or near you are from it; the nearer you are to the grenade, the higher the damage is.

High-Explosive grenade also gives off loud explosions that would deafen anyone. Make sure to turn off the FF or Friendly Fire setting to make you and your teammates immune to the deafening roar of the explosion.


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