Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Knife & Machine Gun

Counter Strike, more popular known as CS, is a game developed by Valve Corporation and was first released by Sierra Entertainment/Vivendi Universal Games in the November 1, 2000. This global phenomenon is a multiplayer first person shooter video game that is the most popular modification of Half Life. Today, there are 4 released versions of CS: Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike Online, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

CS players can choose to be either a terrorist or a counter terrorist, and, in order to win, they must strive to kill all the members of the opposing team. To accomplish the very simple objective of CS, players can choose among the numerous weapons that the game provides them with. All weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages and each has their own specific game level and type to which they can be most effective. Two of the most popular weapons used in CS are the knife and the machine gun. Here, we shall take a closer look at these two Counter Strike weapons.


The knife weapon does not cost a thing in CS. In fact, it is given immediately to each player at the start of the game and could not be dropped in your weapons list just to fit the weapon you bought. It is the most basic weapon in any CS version and is never been seen as a serious weapon by all the game players. In fact, in Counter Strike: Source it is a shame if a player is killed by another player using only the knife.

Though not seen as severely deadly and a fatal weapon by most players, the knife is in fact quite a deadly weapon. There are two types of attacks that you can do with the knife: primary attack and secondary attack. The primary attack is characterized by really quick slashes to the body of your enemy and each slash can inflict as much as 30 damages. This means that you need to slash your opponent a few more times before killing him. The secondary knife attack is slower compared to the primary attack. What this attack does is to slash your opponent slowly and viciously with each slash inflicting 80 damages. You can kill your opponent in just two slashes with the secondary attack. Moreover, using the secondary attack to slash your enemy from the back will instantly kill him.



The knife is a good weapon since you can use it again and again without the reload time. When you are in a close quarter combat and you and your enemy does not have ammo yet or are still reloading your guns, the knife would come in handy. Furthermore, you can use a grenade to bring down your enemy’s health and use the knife to finally kill him. If you are good at using the knife, then sneak attacks will be more effective for you. If you are still a newbie with the knife then you might want to practice with it first before using it in actual battles.

M249-SAW Machine Gun

The M249-SAW is the only machine gun available in CS. Originating in Belgium, this $5750, 5.56 parabellum caliber gun has 100 rounds of magazine capacity with 600 RPM rate of fire. When fully loaded, this machine gun weighs a total of 7 kilograms. It is an expensive weapon but what you get from the price are 600 joules of muzzle energy and 3930 feet per second muzzle velocity which is a pretty good deal for a gun.

The M249-SAW is not a very accurate gun but firing it short bursts and single shots can dramatically improve its accuracy. In line with this, the machine gun does not inflict high damage to your opponent. However, the gun’s spray power is unbeatable by any CS weapon. Use the machine gun to shoot anything that moves, when in corners, or when you are jumping. It would take a while before the ammunition runs out of bullets so you need not to worry. But, you need to remember that you could only carry two boxes of ammo so you should have a pistol in handy in case you run out of ammunitions.

Use the machine gun when your ping is low and when you are in confined spaces. Shoot through doors to kill any enemy hiding inside the room. Try to remember that you should not use this CS weapon when you are in open spaces since you might be attacked from above and below.


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