Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Miscellaneous

The weapons in Counter Strike are divided into categories: melee and pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, and grenades. The members of each category all have similar characteristics differing only in certain areas. However, there is still one group of weapons in Counter Strike that we ought to look at: miscellaneous. As you probably noticed from the name of the category, the things belonging in this circle could not be categorized with the others and therefore require a special group. Here, we shall discuss the things that are not explosives, not really weapons, not deadly, but are ultimately things that you have got to have. So, let us start the tour.


The knife might be quite deadly and is included in another category of weapons in Counter Strike but is still considered as a “miscellaneous” item by most players. It is given to each player at the start of every game without a cost and is considered to be a basic weapon. Use the knife only when in close quarter combats and when you ran out of bullets and is still reloading your guns.

There are two attacks that you could use with a knife: primary and secondary attack. The primary attack is composed of quick slashes to your enemy that will not inflict high damage. Each slash is capable of giving 12 damages to any opponent. The second attack is the secondary attack which is characterized by slow yet vicious slashes to the enemy. Each slash could inflict up 55 or 80 damages to your opponent depending on the body part you hit. The secondary attack is deadly. In fact, only two hits in the front or 1 hit from the back will kill any opponent even with full health.


For $650, many Counter Strike players would often think twice of getting it. Well, who would not? $650 is quite a big money and could even add up to your bank so you can buy higher powered weapons. But, the Kevlar is a basic Counter Strike player need.

It is a very basic must have of all knowledgeable and wise Counter Strike players. The Kevlar is a protection for players. It is an asset especially for the first few rounds where knives and pistols are the main weapons of players. The Kevlar adds a layer of protection to any player and it may reduce the damage when attacked and hit by the enemy. However, the Kevlar does not make you invulnerable.

Kevlar and Helmet

The Kevlar and Helmet is an upgrade to the Kevlar only item in Counter Strike. Now, for $1000, you will get a Kevlar and a helmet to add a layer of protection to your body and your head. While the Kevlar acts as a thicker layer of specialized clothing that would reduce the damage caused by a hit from the opponent to your body, the helmet will completely protect your head. Buy this item especially when faced with opponents that can constantly and consistently fire head shots. The Kevlar and the helmet provide better all around protection compared to the Kevlar item.


The nightvision is the most expensive not-weapon item that you can buy in Counter Strike. It does not add protection whatsoever but it does give you better vision in the dark. It can give you an advantage in sight when in dark maps and could be quite useful in getting a better target aim. When using this, you will see a green overlay over your vision to make everything a little bit brighter. Remember to buy this only in dark maps and never in bright maps as it would become a waste of money.



C4 Explosive

Like the knife, the C4 explosive is free but it is only given at the start of every round to one random terrorist to plant. They have the option to drop it. But, since it is free, terrorist might want to take advantage of this weapon and use it to kill or inflict great damage to the opponents.

Bomb Defusal Kit

The bomb Defusal kit is only for counter-terrorists in order to defuse the C4 explosive that could be planted by the terrorists. It costs $200 and could be bought especially when in a bomb defusal map. You can still defuse a bomb even without it but the bomb defusal kit accelerates the process. In fact, you need 10 seconds to defuse a bomb without it but only 5 seconds when using it. As you know, you only have a little time before the bomb explodes when it is planted

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