Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Pistols

Counter Strike or CS is a game developed by Valve Corporation, Microsoft Game Studios, and Sierra Studios. This tactical first person shooter video game is the most popular and most played modification of Half-Life according to the 2008 report of GameSpy. The reason behind the game’s success is the simplicity of the game and the one simple requirement: always be alert. The game provides many weapons that users can interchangeably use to kill their opponents. One very popular weapon type of the game is a pistol. Here we shall give you a list of pistol variations, their uses, and general information about each of them.

Glock 18

Glock 18 is a $400 basic terrorist pistol type weapon with 20 | 120 Max ammo and a 2.26 reload time that is manufactured by Glock.  All terrorist players of Counter Strike start with this weapon. Glock 18 is quite effective to be used in close combat especially when using the burst mode. The number of shots you can fire per second depends upon your ability to click very fast due to its semi-auto firing characteristic. The 6.2 Beta release of this ammunition has visibly improved its performance. Now, its 3 round burst is made more powerful and the burst spread is made more concentrated. The burst mode, though improved, is still inaccurate and will just waste some of your precious ammunitions. Though the beta release has improved Glock 18’s performance, it could not be denied that it is still one of the puniest weapons in Counter Strike. So, avoid using it whenever you can afford a much better weapon. However, though it is not powerful and quite weak, it is still better than CT’s pistol since it can carry twice the ammunition that the latter can. Use the Glock 18 to kill an enemy that is already wounded.


Sauer P-228

This $600 pistol type weapon from Sig has a 13| 52 max ammo capacity with a 2.83 reload time. At average, it can fire 5.82 shots per second with 3.00 Kevlar penetrations. The Sauer P-228 is a weaker version compared to its predecessors like the B6.1. Though weak as it is, it is still very effective to be used in ambushes or when you have a clear shot at your enemy. Most players often exchange the use of Sauer P-228 to Desert Eagle since they are priced similarly and the Desert Eagle has the capacity to snipe. However, you should know that the P-228 is a very nice option if you are in need of a pistol. Plus, compared to the Desert Eagle, the P-228 has a higher rate of fire, larger capacity of the magazine, and you only need about 5 shots to the chest to kill your opponent.

Dual 96G Elite Berettas

Dual 96G Elite Berettas are $800 terrorist only pistol type weapons that are originally from Italy. Its total magazine capacity is at 30 rounds with each pistol having 15 rounds. Each 96G Beretta has muzzle energy of 606 joules with a velocity of 1280 feet per second. This pistol type is not so much of a good use aside from the fact that this weapon packs 2 pistols. The 2 pistols ultimately improve your killing performance and double your rate of firing. Do not be fooled though that you can kill an opponent fast since Dual 96G Berettas are very poor in accuracy and only have mediocre power. Buying this during tne first rounds of a new map will help you win. However, you may also want to check out sub-machine guns since they are almost in the same price range or try using cheaper pistols in your combat.

FN Five-Seven (CTs only)

The FN Five-Seven is a counter-terrorists only weapon costing $750 which originated in Belgium. It has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds with 465 joules of muzzle energy and 2345 feet per second muzzle velocity. Compare to the Dual 96G Berettas, the FN Five-Seven loses in terms of power of the rate of fire. However, it is cheaper than the Dual 96G Berettas by just $50 but it has a higher accuracy rate than it. Its 0.618 kg weight will not affect the speed of the player. Though the FN Five-Seven weapon lacks higher power, it is still a very good weapon of choice especially if you use it correctly. Keep in mind that you should use this CTs only weapon when not in close range combats especially if you are not sure that you can get at least 2 clear shots in the head. Use the FN Five-Seven along with shotgun or a primary weapon.

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