Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Shotguns

Shotguns are quite special. These Counter Strike weapons are not meant to be used by all players since only few can use them properly. Unlike many Counter Strike weapons or guns that require accuracy or good aim when shooting, using a shotgun requires exact timing. Moreover, when using the M3 super 90, you must be really precise in your timing because a single wrong timing would cost you your life as the loading time of shotguns are quite high. Here, we shall have a tour of the varieties of shotguns available in Counter Strike.

M3 super 90

The M3 super 90 is a $1700 shotgun manufactured by Benelli in Italy. It is a 12 gauge caliber gun with 8 rounds of magazine capacity and 68 RPM rate of fire with 2.20 kevlar penetration. It is a very powerful weapon with 2429 joules of muzzle energy and 1250 feet per second of muzzle velocity. It is so powerful that it would only take one shot to the head or even vital body part is fatal for enemies even with full health.



It is a very good close range weapon but there are still players that use it for long range shots as a sniper. You should know that the M3 super 90 works its best magic whenever it is used in close quarter combats as it can spray a very good area with its buckshot. Getting farther away from your target will also widen the area of the buckshot making it less effective as the bullets or pellets that will cause damage to your target will be more spread out. In this scenario, you could not inflict too much damage to your enemies. But you could still use this shotgun whenever you are creeping or when you are in confined corridors as they will limit the spread of the pellets.

Not all CS weapons are perfect. The M3 super 90 is very slow to reload because each shell will be loaded separately from each other. The M3 super 90’s very slow firing rate plus its slow reloading time makes it all the more inadequate for long range fights. It is a very good weapon when used by capable and accurate hands but it is not good for amateurs.

Use this weapon when your team is lacking financially in order to bring into equilibrium the state of the game. Also, remember that the M3 super 90 is a very good weapon of choice for sneak attacks and that it is an effective gun in enclosed spaces. Always make sure that you have full ammunition before going to a hot fight.


For $3000, this Italian 12 gauge caliber, 7 rounds maximum magazine capacity from Benelli and H&K will be yours. When fully loaded, this XM1014 shotgun weighs around 4 kilograms which is just enough weight for a shotgun to not slow the player. It will considerably lessen your speed but it will not affect your overall performance especially when you find yourself in close quarter combats.

This newest addition to the Counter Strike weapons family is an auto-shotgun which eliminates the irritating pump or loading time that you get with the M3 super 90. Because of this, it also allows you to fire all the 7 rounds of your magazine in less than 2 seconds compared to the longer time that it would take you to empty the magazine of the M3 super 90. While on the topic of comparison with the M3 super 90 (still a product of Benelli in Italy), it will be good to mention that the XM1014 is slightly less powerful than the M3 super 90. With the M3 super 90, you would only need about two shots to the body or the head to kill your opponent, with the XM1014 however, you will need more than two shots in the head before killing your enemy with full health.



The XM1014 shotgun is almost double the price of the M3 super 90 and quite heavier than the latter. In addition to those, the XM1014 shotgun is also less powerful than the M3 super 90 which makes the former the “single worst buy” that players can make. It is often times called as a “noob cannon” because it is not that good to use and effective in almost any player’s hands. What you can do is buy the M3 super 90 and then purchase M4 Carbines. That way, you can utilize your money better and you can even save valuable money.

In general, the XM1014 is not that great a buy but if you have more money in your account then you can buy one as spare shot gun.

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