Counter Strike Weapons Guide: Sub-machine Guns

Counter Strike has become globally popular and almost every kid that has access to computer has played it. The game which was originally developed by Valve Corporation is a tactical first person shooter game with a simple objective: be the first to kill your opponent. In order to accomplish this goal, you can use the weapons provided in the game which includes pistols, grenades, machine guns, and sub-machine guns. If you have enough money to buy a sub-machine gun then it is better to buy one than a pistol. Many players even prefer it over a rifle or a shotgun. It kills faster than pistols and is effective even in long-range combats. Here is a list of sub-machine guns.

MAC 10

For $1400, this .45 ACP caliber with 30 rounds of magazine capacity sub-machine gun can be yours. It packs 584 joules of muzzle power and 919 feet per second muzzle velocity. You should be aware that this weapon is one of the least used terrorist guns in CS. The reason behind is its slower rate of fire which is only at 857 RPM. Furthermore, the accuracy of the MAC 10 is quite disappointing. Instead of using this gun as a primary weapon, it will be better if you use it when your opponents do not expect it (surprise or sneak attacks) and whenever you can get a clear head shot.





For a price of $1700, this .45 ACP caliber weapon from Germany does not come cheap. However, for that amount you will get a weapon that is more powerful than the MP5. The UMP’s 625 joules muzzle energy powers the 1005 feet per second muzzle velocity which makes it one of the more powerful sub-machine guns in CS. One bad thing about this weapon though is that it can only take 25 rounds maximum magazine capacity which is pretty low and you will have to reload more often compared to other sub-machine guns. Choose this weapon if the combat is in mid-range and not close-range since surprise attacks are impossible with this weapon. Overall, the UMP is not that bad of a weapon for its price.





The P90 is a Belgian weapon with a whopping price of $2350. This 5.7×28 mm caliber sub-machine gun has a maximum magazine capacity of 50 rounds which makes its loaded weight to 3 kilograms. With a rate of fire of 900 RPM, 465 joules of muzzle energy and 2345 feet per second muzzle velocity, the P90 was once dubbed as “The Ultimate Sub-Machine Gun”. It is a very accurate sub-machine gun with very little recoil. Players use the P90 most of the time and thus, became overused. The recent update of CS has toned down versions of the P90 which considerably lowered its accuracy. It now takes more skill to use the P90 since it is less accurate and powerful than its original version. However, it is still good to use in close proximity combats. Plus its large magazine capacity is a bonus since you can fire away while your opponent is reloading his weapon.




MP5 Navy

The MP5 is a weapon from Germany with 9 mm parabellum caliber and 30 rounds maximum magazine capacity which will cost you $1500. By far, it is the most commonly used sub-machine gun and could be the most used weapon in CS. Why? The MP5 has a high rate of fire (800 RPM), very good accuracy with little considerably little recoil, and a decent power at 637 joules muzzle energy and 1132 feet per second muzzle velocity which makes really ideal for mid-range quarter combats. Use the MP5 whenever you can aim for a head shot since the gun will allow you to put in continuous shot before your opponent could have the chance to react. The MP5 is really effective in killing your enemy even with full health.





At the price of $1250, the TMP (Schmidt Machine Pistol) is one of the cheapest sub-machine guns available in CS. This Austrian product has 9 mm parabellum caliber with 30 rounds magazine capacity and 857 RPM rate of fire. Moreover, this counter-terrorists only weapon has 606 joules of muzzle energy and 1280 feet per second muzzle velocity. With such high rate of fire, the TMP is the most effective spray gun you could use in close or confined spaces. In fact, you could kill most of your opponent’s team members with single head shots using the TMP. This sub-machine gun version of Glock 18 is permanently silenced so you could also use this for sneak attacks.




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