Counter Strike Weapons

Counter Strike, most often referred to as CS, is a first-person shooter video game that has become massively popular that it is now a series. It was developed by Valve Corporation and was released by Steam in June 12, 1999. Today, Counter Strike has sold over 25 million units and is one of the most successful games in the world. The success of the game is due to its simple gameplay and goal and its somewhat sadistic weapons. The several weapons in CS are divided into 7 major categories.



Pistols are considered to be the player’s secondary weapon in CS. Why? This is because pistols are not that powerful and could not inflict serious damage to its target compared to other CS weapons like machine guns; but, pistols are the cheapest weapons that you could ever buy in the game. Pistols are often times used during the start of every game when money is still scarce and no one could afford larger and meaner weapons. Moreover, pistols are also used in pistol-only rounds or when the primary weapon runs out of juice. Pistols are only semi-automatic and have less accuracy so you really have to aim carefully.


Sub-machine Guns

This weapon category is next to pistols when it comes to being cheap. However, sub-machine guns pack more power than pistols and  are much lighter compared to rifles. This means that many players prefer sub-machine guns because they could move faster but still pack a powerful strike.



Not all CS players can use this type of weapon very well. In fact, shotguns could only be used by players with very precise timing. Using shotguns does not require for you to have extraordinary aiming skill but rather, you need to know the proper timing of pulling the trigger. Miscalculating the timing of the fire can translate to your death in the game. Why? Shotguns take a while to reload so you also have to remember to reload earlier than later as each round will be reloaded individually.



This weapon category in CS is considered by many players to be the most powerful automatic weapons category. Not only that, rifles are also the most commonly used weapons in the whole of Counter Strike. There are two kinds of rifles in CS: assault rifles and sniper rifles. Sniper rifles are good to be used for sneak attacks and long ranged shots while assault rifles could be used even when face-to-face with the enemy. In order for rifles to be effective, you need to crouch down and aim for the head. You do not need good aim to use rifles because they have really powerful firepower. Take note, however, that these weapons are not cheap at all.


Knives & Machine Guns

There is only one knife in CS and it is given to each player at the start of every round. This item could never be dropped as it also does not cost anything to a player. However, the knife in CS is known to be the very least effective weapon and it is a shame to die in the hands of a player using only a knife. Like knives, there is only one machine gun in the whole game and this is the M249-SAW. But unlike knives, the machine gun weapon category is known to be the most expensive and has the highest firing rate among the weapons of Counter Strike.



Once you throw it, grenades could not be retrieved. But you do not have to worry as a grenade would be able to make at least one damage to your enemy if you threw it correctly. In fact, when you are skilled at throwing, it is possible to kill your enemy with just one grenade.



Miscellaneous items in CS include Kevlar and Helmet, Kevlar, Nightvision, C4 Explosive, and Bomd Defusal Kit. This weapons/items are not fatal to a player in the game but they could help you in your goal: kill the enemy. Various items in this category will let you see in the dark or defuse a bomb in just a few seconds.