League of Angels: A Free to Play MMORPG Game Played In Browser- No Download Required


This review is about League of Angels, a free online game.  LoA is a MMORPG created by R2Games.

How to Begin

Open your web browser and go to http://loa.r2games.com/ to begin. This game is played in your browser and does not require a download. I am happy to see a game that does not require a lengthy download in order to play.  It seems that most games take at least an hour to download and they take up a good deal of space on your hard drive. Anyway, once you reach the game’s page, you need to create an account. You also have the choice of signing up with Facebook. If you choose to sign up with Facebook, as I did, you will receive a pop-up asking if you wish to allow “R2Games Games.” Of course you wish to allow it. Next, click on “Play Now.”



League of Angels begins with a tutorial. The tutorial is brief and does not explain too much of the game. You will battle two different opponents and you will win both battles. When the tutorial is finished, you can choose your character from among the following: a female warrior, a male warrior, a female mage, and a male mage. You are then able to choose a character name.

I chose the male warrior for this review.

The object of the game is to go on quests and fight enemy combatants. The quests are simple, usually consisting of a kill or retrieving an object. You do not have to find your way to a quest—click on the name of the quest in your quest tracker list and your character will either run to the quest location or will be teleported to it.

When a quest is completed, the player is rewarded with experience, gold, gear, or a combination of these. As you earn experience points, you also earn “astral stars” and the ability to bond with angels. “Astral stars” can be used to select bonuses that add to your character’s stats.


Angels will help in battles. You can “bond” with 5 different angels and each angel has her own special attack spell. Angels also have levels of agility, hit, critical strike, and critical damage.

Everyone is given 100 free diamonds to begin the game. Diamonds can be used to purchase items from the game shop. Items can also be “enhanced” after paying the appropriate amount.


Diamonds are also needed for certain quests. For example, when I reached level 7, I was given a quest to kill a level 10 boss; however, the boss was in a dungeon and I had to PAY to get into the dungeon. I entered my first dungeon, “Temple of the Moon,” after paying 50 diamonds and 5 stamina points. You have 30 attempts to kill the boss. I managed to kill the boss on the first try and I have no idea how I did it. My second boss fight occurred when I was a level 10 and the boss was a level 12. Again, this cost 50 diamonds and 5 stamina points. I was not completely out of diamonds, but I did win the second fight on the first try. Again, I have no idea how I did it. It was almost as if the character was fighting on his own.

If you run out of diamonds, as I did, you can purchase more.


Diamonds can be bought by using PayPal, PlaySpan, or Skrill. Diamond packages range from 500 diamonds for $5.99 up to 30,000 diamonds for $299.99. For $6.99 a month, you can purchase a VIP membership.


The interface is extremely crowded. I had difficulty finding my own character. There is a character map in the upper left corner that shows your level, money, inventory, and other items. There is also a timer countdown for the next world event and icons to purchase other items. There is a typical mini-map in the upper right corner with various icons. More ad icons are on the left side of the window, above a chat menu. The quest tracker is on the right side beneath the mini-map. The quest tracker window is a colorful list of quests mixed with more ads for promoting the game to others.



There are social elements to League of Angels, as with other games of this type. There is a chat window and messaging system. You can also join a guild. After you reach a certain level, the guild icon will appear at the bottom of the window frame. You can click on the icon and find a listing of guilds with their level and amount of members. Guilds are capped at 35 members, so it may take you awhile to find a guild. When you have selected a guild, click on the “apply” button. Someone will get back to you and either accept or decline your application.



League of Angels has a lot of content and it can be played entirely for free. If you want to unlock the best gameplay experience, you will have to pay for it. LoA is listed as one of the top MMORPG games of 2014 by the site http://www.mmorpg.com/playnow.cfm. I completely disagree, but that is only my opinion. The game can be tried for free, so why not? You may think it is one of the best games as well.