Game Review: Game of Thrones, Forge of Empire, and Pirates: Tides of Fortune– all Free to Play

Game of Thrones

This is a second review about online games. I have been trying out some new games and I thought I would tell you about my adventures. I have compiled a list of three strategy games that I recently tested. I won’t tell you if I liked the game or not; I’ll let you decide for yourself if you like the games. I’m just going to give you a brief description of each game. All of these games are free to play.

Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones: Ascent is created by Armor Games. You can create your own account or you can log in with Facebook. The first thing you will do is choose an icon and a name. The game begins with quests; a dilemma is presented and the player must choose between several options. Quest progress, as well as other progress, is recorded in a Lorebook.


The choices a player makes can earn him/her “Alignment Points” which will unlock special content. The types of alignment points are Realm vs. Family, Old Ways vs. New Ways, and Truthful vs. Cunning.

Each player chooses a background: Highborn Bastard, Hedge Knight, Merchant, Fostering, Whisperer, Former Mercenary, or Minor Noble by Marriage. Each background offers different statistics in in Battle, Trade, and/or Intrigue. These stats will aide with certain tasks.

Game of Thrones

All players will receive a “Sworn Sword,” a character who will help you in battle. Players will choose a skill for their sworn sword.

When presented with a challenge, the player can choose to Battle, Bribe, or Sabatoge.

Players construct various buildings and can produce weapons and supplies. The objective of the game is to build an army, buy and equip gear, and complete adventures and quests. Players also have the opportunity to join an alliance.

Game of Thrones is based on the HBO series of the same name; however, you do not have to be a fan of the show to enjoy the game. This is a thinking person’ game mixed with the excitement of battle. The next edition of the game, “Seven Kingdoms,” will be released sometime in 2014.

This game is suited to an older audience.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is another game where you can create an account or login with your Facebook account. This game reminds me a little bit of Civilizations. You construct buildings to produce supplies, house residents, and train troops for an army.

The objective of the game is to unlock new skills and knowledge, whether it is in the art of war, pottery, invention, etc. Gold is earned by collecting taxes from the residents, winning battles, completing quests, and producing goods. Other types of currency or tradables (besides gold) earned are Supplies, PvP Medals, and Diamonds.

The fighting portion is a bit different from other games. You must conquer new territory by scouting the area first. Scouting will show the types of opponents you must face. After you have scouted an area, you can choose to battle for the area. Battles are strategic; instead of the generic format of clicking to fight and then being transferred straight to the results, Forge of Empires shows you the actual battle. The player is taken to a separate screen where the player is allowed to choose the moves his/her troops will take. You can then watch out how the battle enfolds. This feature is unique for these types of games and it adds a little something more to the gameplay.

This game is suited to a slightly younger audience than Game of Thrones.

Pirates- Tides of Fortune

Pirates is a game created by Kaboom Games. As with the other games, you can create a game account or use your Facebook account to log in to play. After logging in, the first thing a person can expect to do is choose an avatar. The player acts as a pirate who owns an island and a pirate ship.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

The objective of this game is to conquer other pirate ships and attack other islands. You can construct buildings such as a Rum Distillery, Gold Mine, and Rum Cellar.


There are several types of items a player can earn—rubies, gold, lumber, and rum. A few of the ways a player can earn items is by completing discoveries in accordance with the advisors: Master at Arms, Merchant, Envoy, and Tinker.

There are PvP aspects to this game as with Forge of Empires. Players can raid other players’ islands and acquire gold and other items. These players may be in an alliance, so be careful when you decide to raid someone else.

This game is suited to a slightly younger audience than Game of Thrones.


First of all, these games are free to play. There may be optional fees if you would like to purchase extra content. All of these games are based around the concept of battle, questing, and producing items. Each game has a bit of a different twist than the others, so it is best to try all three to determine which style you like best.