Game Review: Wartune, Rise of Mythos, Tales of Solaris, Pockie Pirates, and Ultimate Naruto– all Free to Play


Are you a fan of MMORPG? Well, I am. I have been trying out some new games and I thought I would tell you about my adventures. I have compiled a list of five strategy/fighting games that I recently tested. I won’t tell you if I liked the game or not; I’ll let you decide for yourself if you like the games. I’m just going to give you a brief description of each game. All of these games are free to play.


Wartune is created by GameFuse.  There are three different classes that you can choose from: Knight, Mage, and Archer. The object of the game is to complete quests, fight enemies, and level your character. In a way, this game reminds me of a cross between Diablo 3 and Wow. The interface is complicated:


There is a chat area, a mini half globe with utilities, quest tracking, and brief character information. You earn gold and an additional currency, Balens, by completing objectives. There are inventory bags and you can also view character statistics and gear:


You get to pick troops that will follow you into battle. Your stamina begins at 100 and runs down with each battle. If you run out of stamina, you will not receive any more experience points until stamina is restored. Full stamina is restored daily after 5:00 am.

A cool feature of Wartune is the ability to construct your own buildings in a fortress.

So far, this is the best free game I have tested.

Rise of Mythos

RoM is a card-collecting strategy game by GameFuse. GF describes RoM as “a true Free-to-Play competitive collectible trading card game with an MMORPG twist!”

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Rise of Mythos 250

This game reminds me of a card version of Wartunes. Basically, you have “cards” that represent various characters or helpers. You complete quests and battles while using the “cards” to play. You have to think strategically in order to choose the correct card to use. The gameplay then comes alive according to the card you choose.

The graphics are decent and there is a learning curve. You really have to think about your moves; you can’t just make quick decisions. People looking for a more intellectual challenge will enjoy this game.

Tales of Solaris

An addition from Game 321. ToS is another strategy/rpg game where you get to choose the class of your character. The classes available to choose from are: Warrior, Mage, Sniper, Wizard, Assassin, and Priest.

The main interface is a bit crowded, but that is standard for these types of games.

The objective of the game is to complete quests, battle, and just have fun! It’s really easy to level your toon, although it’s easiest at the lower levels.  You can even have pets that fight battles with you.

ToS uses Autopathing, which means that you won’t get lost wandering aimlessly in search of your next quest. Your toon will walk automatically to its destination. If you don’t like autopathing, no worries—you can turn it off. Quest dialog can also be skipped. Some people like to read the entire dialog for a quest—you know, all the background info. Some people, like me, would rather skip the reading and head straight to the action. In ToS, you have a choice to read or to skip.

This game is aimed at a slightly younger audience than that of Wartune.

Pockie Pirates

war of pirates raging again

Another game addition from Game 321, Pockie Pirates is similar to Tales of Solaris. The big difference is that Pockie Pirates is about, well, pirates. There are four character classes to choose from: Swordsman, Navigator, Sniper, and Doctor. Again, the interface is a bit crowded, especially with all of the peeps logged in.

Most of the adventures, questing and battling, take place on the high seas.

You battle and conquer, moving towards your next level. Like Tales of Solaris, this game seems to be aimed at younger players.

Ultimate Naruto

Questing and fighting again dominate. There are three character classes to choose from: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu. Naruto also offers some seasonal events.

There is a lot going on in this screen. You can see other players, especially on the left side. It is easy to level at lower levels. I was a level 5 after 2 minutes of play. You have to read a bit more than I like to in order to complete a task. I was a bit lost on what I should do with a few npcs until I decided to attack them.

This game is suited for a younger audience.

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Out of the five games I tried, I would have to say that Wartune was the best, hands down. It was the game most compatible with my style of play, but it may not be the one you like the best. I would advise you to try all of them to see what you like and heck, they are free!