Leveling Tips: The Quickest Way to Level 90 in World of Warcraft

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One of the most frequently asked questions concerning World of Warcraft is “How can I level up quickly?” If you search Google for the answer, you will find a plethora of answers.  It can be quite confusing to try and sort through all of the responses. In this article, I will share the secret of fast leveling with you.

What is the Secret to Leveling in WOW?

Are you ready for this? Do you think you can keep a secret? The secret to leveling up in WOW is . . . ? Sorry, but there isn’t a secret. I hate to disappoint you, but there isn’t a magic pill to swallow, a special creature to kill, or anything else to turn your toon into a maxed out toon. What gets you to level 90 (at the time of this writing, level 90 is the max) is a lot of hard work. Still, if you work efficiently and thoroughly, you will be able to level faster than those who just trudge along. Here are some tips to help you level.

Dungeons and Quests and Mobs, Oh My!

Is it better to do quests, kill mobs, or raid dungeons? Actually, you need to do all three. When you first create a toon, you must rely on questing and killing mobs if you are soloing. Once you reach level 10, you can enter the dungeons (aka instances) but you will want to do this in a group. When you reach level 15, you can use the “Dungeon Finder.” Let’s break this down into two scenarios . . . pre instance level (10 for group/15 for solo) and at instance level.

Levels 1-10 (group); 1-15 (solo)

You just created your little level 1 toon. Now what? The short answer? Get questing. You want to take every available quest. You will notice that the name of the quests come in different colors:

Red- You will die if you are soloing.

Orange- You will probably die if you are soloing, but maybe not.

Yellow- This is a little challenging, but you should make it.

Green- Easy Peasy.

Gray-   Yawn.

If you are questing in a competent group (stressing the word competent), stay with the orange quests. You will gain more experience. If you are soloing, stick with the yellow quests and maybe some orange if you can handle them. You will be getting the most bang for your buck, so to speak. If you are just really bad at soloing, stick with the green. You will only be wasting time if you keep dying every few minutes. Do not do quests that are grayed out! The experience you gain will be offset by the time you waste. The only time you will want to do grayed out quests are when you are maxed out and you want to do them just to complete them or if they are a part of an important quest chain. You want to keep track of the quest locations on your mini-map and complete an area before moving on. It is a waste of time to keep going back and forth between areas. Do remember to kill mobs on your way back and forth to complete a quest. After all, the mobs are right in your path and it is all experience. Keep at it until level 10/15.

Levels 10 (group); 15 (solo)

Once you reach level 10, you can enter instances. You will want to join as a group. There are different roles to play and rules for raiding; they will not be covered here but in a future article. When you reach level 15, you can use the “Dungeon Finder.” At this point, you will want to queue up for a raid whenever possible. While you are waiting for a group to open up, you still want to quest and kill mobs. Do not just give up questing to do raiding. You need to RAID, QUEST, and KILL MOBS. Let’s break down the experience gains of raiding with a character using the “Dungeon Finder.”

Dude, Look at the Fangs on that SOB

Here is a picture of my screen:


Take notice of my level (16) and where I am on the experience bar. I am about 5 ¼ bars in to the level.

I queue up in the “Dungeon Finder “and join the next group. I am placed in Wailing Caverns and I pick up the quests. It takes me about 15 minutes to complete this instance (some take less, some more). Now take a look at my screen:


I have gained over an entire level. I am now a level 17 and I am 12 ¼ bars in. You won’t be able to get that kind of experience in 15 minutes by merely questing. Plus, there is another benefit to raiding—you can get some really good gear. I have add-ons called “Playerscore” and “Gearscore” which allow you to quick compare your gear. Look at my stats and Gearscore before I entered the instance-


My gearscore is 35 and my DPS is 9.50. After changing out my gear for the gear I looted in the raid, my scores look like this:


My gearscore is now 121 and my DPS is 10.91. Not bad for 15 minutes of playing.

We Are All Different

There are people who will disagree with my method. That’s ok; everyone has their own opinion. Some people hate questing and some people hate raiding. Basically, play in whatever style you enjoy. If you really want to level up quicker though, follow my suggestions.

Additional Tips

WOW provides little extras that will add to your experience when questing or raiding.

  • Look out for special celebrations such as the Darkmoon Faire, Lunar Fest, Brewfest and others (too many to list here). These events have quests for extra experience and sometimes you will get a temporary item that will increase experience gains.
  • Log out of the game after you have stopped at an inn. This will give you a rested experience bonus. An RE bonus will give you double the amount of experience for a short burst of time.