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WOW Battle Pets: A New Addition to World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria Expansion that You Should Know About

WOW Battle Pets

WoW’s latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, introduced the concept of Battle Pets. In previous versions of WoW, your toons could have pets for fighting (such as Hunters) and just for fun (known as “vanity pets”). If you haven’t started using

The World of Warcraft Hunter Guide for Beginners: Information and Gameplay Tactics

Beast Mastery

Everyone has a favorite race and class in WOW. For me, I really like the Pandaren race but the Hunter is my favorite class. I do not have a Pandaren Hunter yet; however, I do have a blood elf hunter,

World of Warcraft Guilds: What is a Guild and Why You Should Care!

Guild Finder

  If you are like me, you may wonder why people are attracted to joining guilds. After all, if I really wanted to be a social animal, I would be going out with friends instead of sitting in front of

Leveling Tips: The Quickest Way to Level 90 in World of Warcraft

wow leveling

  One of the most frequently asked questions concerning World of Warcraft is “How can I level up quickly?” If you search Google for the answer, you will find a plethora of answers.  It can be quite confusing to try

What are World of Warcraft Add-Ons and How Do You Get Them?


If you are a World of Warcraft player, you have probably heard people discuss what add-ons they use. You may be new to the game and have never heard of an add-on. Maybe you are a seasoned player but you