Wolrd of Warplanes: A Truly Free Airplane Combat Game with P2P

World of WarPlanes

This review is about World of Warplanes online game.  Do you enjoy simulation games If so, you will enjoy World of Warplanes.


World of Warplanes is brought to you by Wargaming.net, the same people who have created the popular World of Tanks. This game is very similar to War Thunder, and I do think one is better than the other, but I will not say which is which. I will let you try the games and make your own decision.

How to Begin

First, you need to download the game client. Go to http://worldofwarplanes.com and choose “Play For Free.”

You will then be directed to create an account. You have the choice of signing up with Wargaming.net or signing up with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo. After completing the sign-up, which includes creating an in-game name and supplying an email address, you will then need to sign-in and verify your email account. At this point, you can now download the game client.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to save the game client:

Click on “Save File” to begin your download of the game. You may be prompted to allow the download through your firewall:


Go ahead and “allow access” if you are comfortable. If you are using a public network, you may wish to wait until you can connect to a private network. This is a long download and you should not be on a public network for that long since hackers will have a longer window in which to try to access your computer. Again, you may feel safe in using a public network, so this is a decision best left up to you to make.

The game client needs only 16.9 MB of free disk space to just open. The client, once installed, will proceed to download an additional 6.4 GB of updates. The entire process, which includes the client download to the installation of the actual game, took 2 hours to complete. I closed all of my other programs in order to update the game client. My internet company, one of the top two companies, will regulate your bandwidth. If you are using more than wheat they deem acceptable, your network will crash. You may have a better internet provider and not need to stop other apps. If you do notice that your connection is lagging, I would advise you to cancel any other downloads until this one is finished. You do have to complete the updating process before you can begin to play the game; you cannot play and update at the same time. During the update process, the interface will rotate though game tips.


After the client has finished updating, you are ready to play the game.


World of Warplanes begins with several tutorials. I recommend that you walk through the tutorials. Not only will you get ideas on how to play the game, you will also earn currency and experience.

The graphics are very good. The interface is advanced but not so much that it is confusing. You can play in either full screen or windows mode. You can choose 1 of 2 views: third person or first person.

The fighter planes can be controlled with the keyboard and mouse. You can control the direction of the plane by using the arrow keys or by moving the mouse. Speed is controlled by the keyboard: “W” increases the speed of the plane and “S” slows it down. You can not just fly at top speed because your engine will overheat. It is important to be strategic when increasing and decreasing the speed. The left mouse button is used to fire your weapons. Like your engine, your weapons can overheat so you do not want to randomly fire. If you are constantly shoting into the air, your weapons will overheat and may not be available when you need them.

At some point, you can add rockets and bombs to your airplane. When you have this option, you will use “R” to fire rockets and “B” to drop bombs.

Basically, your objective is entering battles. When you finish a battle, you earn experience and modes of currency.


Money and Items

There are different types of currency in World of Warplanes: gold coins, silver credits, and experience points.  Currency is used to buy different planes, weapons, and training for your crew. All technology must be researched before it can be purchased.

The “Tech Tree” menu is where you will research plane and weapons upgrades. After the research is completed, you can purchase the item(s) and customize your plane.

Here is a picture of my airplane before customization:

This is after:

There is the option of auto-resupplying your weapon with regular ammo, incendiary ammo, armor-piercing ammo, and armor-piercing incendiary (each increases with cost). The following consumables can also be purchased and added to your aircraft: First aid dressing or a first aid kit for the crew, manual or auto fire extinguisher, 120-octane gasoline, and a pneumatic restarter. There are also plane-specific upgrades that can be researched and purchased, such as improved engines, air frames, machine guns, and outboard weapons.

Your crew can also be upgraded. Skills can be researched and learned and your crew members can increase their proficiency.

The “Store” option on the main menu is where you can purchase new aircraft as well as sell your own. You can also purchase belts, bombs, rockets, consumables, and other equipment.


World of Warplanes is social game-play. After completing the tutorials, there is not any more individual missions. You mainly queue for group battle. The idea is to both annihilate enemy units on the ground and the planes of opponents.

You can send texts to other players in your group. You can even voice chat with group members.

As with War Thunder, the controls are advanced; you can make your plane increase speed or decrease speed. Make sure you watch your altitude and how much gas you have left. Enemy combatants can destroy your plane. Friendly fire can also be deadly. Try not to shoot at your teammates! You will have angry group members if you destroy one of their planes by accident. You only have one shot in battle. When your plane has been taken down by an enemy combatant, you cannot enter the battle with another plane.  You can, however, utilize spectator mode. Being a spectator allows you to view the battle from a teammate’s plane.


World of Warplanes and War Thunder are so similar that there is really no reason to play both. I have a definite preference between the two, and so may you, so I would suggest trying out both. There is also a premium account feature for this game, but it does not limit gameplay in any way. The premium feature gives you 50% more experience and credits per battle.