World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Fist Weapons Part 2

Fist weapons are the most common weapon type in the most popular game for 2011 and the most subscribed MMORPG of all time – World of Warcraft. This fourth release of the Warcraft Universe series was able to reach success because of the spice that it brings to gaming: excellent visuals, awe-inspiring sound effects, and engaging game play. Now, let us dig dipper to some fist weapons that you will likely use at some point in the game.

Arlokk’s Grasp

Arlokk’s Grasp is an off hand weapon that binds immediately to the player’s avatar or character when picked up. This weapon has speed of 1.50 and is available when you are up to the 60th level. It causes 41 to 84 damages to anyone attacked with it. Furthermore, it can send a shadowy bolt to your enemy that would cause 55 to 85 Shadow damage.

Big Bad Wolf’s Paw

The Big Bad Worl’s Paw is a fist weapon that increases the stamina of level 70 players and up by 18 and their agility by 17. This weapon binds immediately to the right or main hand of the avatar when picked up and has speed of 2.50. Furthermore, it increases your critical strike rating by 0.9% and inflicts 153 to 285 of damage to your enemy.

Razor Scythes

This very popular weapon binds to the off hand of an avatar when it is equipped. The required level of players to use this weapon is 70 and higher. When lucky enough to get one, you can inflict damage to your opponent from 118 to 220 depending on the attack you chose to go with its 2.60 speed rating.

Claw of the Black Drake

The Claw of the Black Drake is a main hand weapon that, when picked up, becomes a part of the avatar’s body. It is weaker compared to other fist weapons but players in the 60th level can already use this. It increases your critical strike rating by 0.6%, your stamina by 7, and your strength by 13. It has a peed rating of 2.60 which is fast enough to inflict 102-191 damages to your enemy.

Claw of the Frost Wyrm

An off hand fist weapon, the Claw of the Frost Wyrm with speed of 1.50 becomes yours after you pick it up. Though not the most powerful fist weapon in WoW (75-140 damage), this weapon is still a valuable item especially for players in level 60. It increases their stamina by 8, critical strike rating by 0.6%, hit rating by 0.6%, and attack power by 22.

Eskhandar’s Right Claw

Being a right or main hand fist weapon, the Eskhandar’s Right Claw certainly fails to impress. It is only capable of damaging your enemy by 50 to 94 with 1.50 speed rating. Level 60 players using this should feel an increase of their agility by 4. Moreover, the Eskhandar’s Right Claw increases your haste rating by 28.5% or 300 for a whole 5 seconds.

Eskhandar’s Left Claw

The left or off hand version of Eskhandar’s Left Claw is also not a very powerful weapon for level 60 players or higher. With speed of 1.50 and durability rating of 75/75, this fist weapon can only damage your enemy from 50-94. However, it will slow down the movement of your enemy by as much as 60% and will cause them to bleed for 30 seconds causing 150 damage.

High Warlords Right Claw

Being a main hand weapon, the High Warlords Right Claw is not much of a powerful fist item as it can only leave 138-207 damage to your enemy. Level 60 and up players can pick this up and let it bind with their hands to increase their stamina by 7. Furthermore, it has a speed rating of 2.90 and increases your critical strike rating by 0.6% and your attack power by 28.

High Warlords Left Claw

The off hand version of the High Warlords Claw can is just the same with its main hand version: damage that can inflicted is still 138-207, speed is 2.90, stamina is increased by 7, critical strike rating by 0.6%, attack power by 28, and players on the 60th level and up can use this. All in all, it is not a powerful weapon just like its right hand version.


The bloodfist is a one-hand fist weapon that automatically binds with the avatar when picked up. Players starting on level 51 can use this 1.50 speed weapon that can inflict damage from 38 to 72. It is not a very powerful weapon but is still a good item to be handy.

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