World of Warcraft Weapons Guide – Part 1

In World of Warcraft, characters begin the game with a rudimentary weapon that is associated with the class that the character belongs. Each class has a specific weapon with which each character starts its journey. The weapon that you use in the beginning of the game will guide you and help you use more advanced weapons. As you go on using it, your skill level will increase which will then open more weapons for your usage. Weapons are important for many classes in the game. Not all weapons can be used by every class. But still, they are very important for every class. The weapon types in World of Warcraft are Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Two-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Axes, Staves, Polearms, Fist Weapons, Guns, Crossbows, Bows, and Wands.

Each weapon in World of Warcraft can be equipped to a character in either the Main Hand, Off Hand, or the Ranged slots. In relation to this, the weapons in the game will be one of the three aforementioned slots but never both at the same time. One handed weapons in World of Warcraft are axes, maces, daggers, fist weapons, and swords. While those that mention “two” in their weapon type name all belong to the two-handed weapon categories. Ranged weapons are those that can fire at a target from a distance and these are bows, guns, crossbows, and wands. If you want to know more about the weapons that are used in World of Warcraft then you can read on the articles related to each one weapon type. Moreover, each weapon type has many weapons under its sleeve and each are unique.


There are things to note though about the weapons in World of Warcraft. Take note that there is another weapon titles as two-handed maces. This weapon type is different from the mace type because maces are one-handed. Furthermore, only rogues and Priests are able to use the one handed maces. A player can dual wield a one-handed weapon. This means that a player can equip a one handed weapon to either the main hand or the off-hand slots. This actions means that a player can use two one-handed weapons at the same time but there are also some weapons that limit the slots. For example, there are one handed weapons that require a specific slot only. There are weapons that can only be in the main hand but there are also some that require the off hand slot (though it is fairly rare). Lastly, players can choose to fight in the universe without a weapon or only using a fist weapon but it does not mean that any class can equip a fist weapon.

Here, we shall discuss daggers, swords, axes, maces, and bows.


As mentioned above, daggers belong to the one-handed weapon variety. You can instantly recognize this weapon because it looks very much like your ordinary knife (except for the fact that it has some special powers). Daggers are usually in the form of a short blade that is narrower (if it is long then it is a sword) with a handle that is called as a hilt. However, it is not really necessary that a dagger should look like what I have just described. Some daggers are free to have a curved blade or have one sharper side. Some daggers can kill an enemy faster than the other. Others do the killing by either stabbing or slashing.

Daggers is primarily a melee weapon with which the Rogue class character starts their fight in World of Warcraft. Not only Rogues use this but also many other melee using classes in World of Warcraft. Other classes that use daggers are those that require lighter armors such as Mages and Priests. Other classes may require that a dagger be held in either the main hand or both hands if there are no other weapons equipped. You must note that Paladins and Death Knights are not able to train using daggers.

Daggers are very easy to conceal so it is especially a choice for those classes or players that specializes in sneak attacks. Moreover, daggers have the advantage of being more easy to wield and conceal than other weapons, say swords.

In Word of Warcraft, daggers can have several enchantments in order to increase its power and other traits. For one, Rogues can apply poisons to their daggers. They can also put in sharpening stones so their daggers can be more effective when used in slash attacks. Aside from those, characters may also go to an enchanter to enchant their dagger if they are not capable of doing it. Unlike other weapons however, daggers are not capable of having weighstones applied to them.

If you are interested in training using your daggers, you can proceed to the weapon masters:

  • Ilyenia Moonfire at Darnassus (Alliance)
  • Woo Pin at Stormwind (Alliance)
  • Handiir at The Exodar (Alliance)
  • Bixi Wobblebonk at Ironforge (Alliance)
  • Sayoc at Orgrimmar (Horde)
  • Ileda at Silvermoon City (Horde)
  • Duelist Larenis at Eversong Woods (Horde)
  • Archibald at Undercity (Horde)



Swords are quite famous in the game. Like daggers, this weapon category also belongs to the one-handed weapon type. Moreover, like daggers, swords are also a kind of melee weapon. Its look has references to that of the dagger (or vice versa). It has a blade that can be long or narrow and has a hilt or the handle of the sword. Some swords have broader blades and others have longer hilts than some. But unlike daggers where you can use it to stab the opponent to death, swords are only effective when used to slash opponents or stab the enemy as a finishing move. The stabbing must be occasional only for a player to fully utilize swords.

There are some two-handed swords but the majority of this weapon type is one handed. No matter the number of hands though, swords can be wielded by Paladins, Death Knights, Hunters, and or Warriors. Aside from those classes, Rogues, Warlocks, and Mages can also wield swords but only the one handed variety.  Like daggers also, swords can be enhanced by applying poisons, sharpening stones and enchantments but only if you are a Rogue. If you are interested to craft a sword, then you might want to become a Blacksmith first. Becoming a Blacksmith brings in many opportunities for you since it will also give you a chance to make enhancements such as chains or counterweights for the sword.

Comparing swords with other melee weapons like axes or maces is quite simple. All those three can be either one handed or two handed. The damage and enhancement effects between swords and axes are virtually the same with some few but very noticeable differences. However, there are also certain clear and basic differences. For one, Warlocks cannot wield swords but they can do it with axes. Second, unlike staves (plural for staff) and maces that can both be enhanced by Weightstones, swords can only be enhanced through sharpening stones.



Not like the first two mentioned World of Warcraft weapons, an axe is not composed with a blade and a hilt. It still has a blade but the built is rather different. You may have seen an actual axe in person (if you have not yet then what planet did you come from?) so you know the physical appearance. Axes have a short blade which is connected to a pole that acts as the hilt or handle of the weapon. The physical appearance of axes in World of Warcraft is not constant, though there is pretty much a standard to how it should look or what it should resemble. Some axes can have wide blades and short poles while others can have longer poles. Like swords, there are two handed versions of axes in World of Warcraft.

Death Knights, Paladins, Warriors, Shamans, and Hunters can all wield the two varieties of axes while Rogues are only allowed to wield the one handed version. A Rogue may apply an enchantment or poison to the axe to enhance it or players may also put Sharpening Stones. Those who belong to the Orc race are blessed since they specialize on both varieties of axes.

Comparing axes to swords is like comparing two similar things with very minute differences. These two weapon types are almost the same in World of Warcraft and can both be used by all the classes. But, not all classes can wield swords like Shamans. You can use a sharpening stone to enhance your blunt axe (no pun intended) but when you are using either a staff or a mace, you will need weightstones.

Some of the more prominent axes in World of Warcraft are Dark Edge of Insanity, Blessed Qiraji War Axe, Arcanite Reaper, the Draconic Avenger, Ancient Hakkari Manslayer, Axe of the Gronn Lords, Axe of the Nexus-Kings, and the Hatchet of Sundered Bone.



Unlike the previously mentioned World of Warcraft weapons, maces are quite different. Why? This is because of the very simple reason that those weapons (daggers, swords, and axes) are equipped with sharp blades. Maces have a blunt edge because unlike those three where they are used to stab or slash, maces are used to smash and crack the opponent (or at least its shell of protection).

You can distinguish a mace from the other weapon types because it is usually bulky, has a long rod, and a metal piece at the end of the rod that is heavy and can quite literally smash your head. One variety of a mace is called flail. Flails are spiked balls (it may not have spikes) that are connected by a chain. Each ball is thrown to the opponent or target at a time. Maces are not limited to blunt heavy ends. Some maces are equipped with points or protrusions or a sharp edge here and now to add more damage to its target. A mace has a heavy end because it is not meant to slash its target, maces are made to smash the target or crack their protection.

Death Knights, Shamans, Paladins, Druids, and Warriors can all wield the one handed and two handed varieties of a mace but Rogues and Priests can only wield the one handed versions. A Rogue may apply a poison to the mace to add some features and any other character may put a weightstone or an enchantment to it. Dwarves and Humans can both wield maces as they specializing in this arena. This means that they gain 5 more points for Expertise. Maces can be made through Blacksmithing.

Combat Rogues prefer to use maces because of high damage and delay that they bring when used to attack. Some important maces in World of Warcraft are the Doomhammer, the Verigan’s Fist, and the Might of Menethil.



Bows are not like the first World of Warcraft weapon types mentioned here. Those are melee weapons while bows are ranged weapons. Bows are more like crossbows and guns in terms of function and use. This means that you can use it to attack enemies even from afar. This weapon type is made for long-ranged attacks and uses muscle power of the holder. You must take note though that the Strength characteristic of the character has no effect whatsoever to the power of the bow attack.

Bows have the Auto-Shot skill that is very useful for hunters. The classes of Hunters, Warriors, and Rogues can all equipped bows. However, only those characters that belong to the classes of Night Elf, Blood Elf, Troll, and Orc hunters can start their game with a bow.

You cannot craft a bow. Rather, you have to buy it or loot it or earn it for you to have a bow. If you buy there is no problem as it is the cheapest ranged weapon type (this includes crossbows and guns) in the World of Warcraft Auction House.