World of Warcraft Weapons Guide – Part 2

In this article, we will discuss the overviews of the rest of the weapons in World of Warcraft that we have not yet discussed. Before going to that, let us first know the weapon skills because each player ought to have basic knowledge on this.

Weapon trainers are very helpful for each player. This is because all characters in the game have their own unique abilities and skills that they can learn but they would not have this all at the beginning. Going to weapon trainers will help players learn a skill that their character is allowed to have but does not have yet. Weapon trainers can be found in major cities. When you enter one, the guard will tell you the direction to where you can find the weapon trainer in the city. However, do not expect that you can learn a specialization from a trainer because they only posses general knowledge and are not experts on a single weapon. One good thing though is that each weapon trainer will point you to another weapon trainer that will greatly improve your performance.


At the beginner’s stage, you will have a rating of 1 for your skill. The skills menu will give you hints as to what percentage of miss would you have against your target. Normally, you will be able to miss exclusively against your targets with higher level. Not to worry though as your skill rating will increase with each use of the weapon in this level. But when your skill rating is still low, it is almost impossible for you to land a critical hit on your target.

As you go higher in your skills rating, you will notice that your stats will change. When you attack enemies, please doo notice their Defense rating because when your weapon skill is the same as your enemy’s defense rating then you have a 5% chance to miss. This is extremely important for a player to take note of each time he/she attacks an enemy. When the target has higher defense rating or has a general higher level compared to your weapon skill then you always have the bigger chance to miss out. Before patch 2.3 was released, players are able to increase their weapon skill using Racial Bonuses and other stats on items but these are no longer an option. In 2.3, there is the replacement called Expertise.

Enough talking. Let us just start on.



Crossbows are very similar to bows and guns in terms of use and functional attacks in World of Warcraft. All three of those have skills including the loved Auto-Shot. Out of the two, crossbows are more closely related to bows in the game. Bows are ranged weapons (long-ranged in fact) with an arrow. Similar to bows, crossbows also use arrows but the method and mechanism to which the arrow is hurtled towards the enemy is different. Crossbows have a mechanism to tighten and release the bowstring for it to fire.

Almost all classes can equip crossbows. The classes of Hunter, Warrior, and Rogue can all use crossbows but they cannot start their game with one. Only the characters that belong to the Draenei, Undead, and Human hunter classes can start the game using crossbows.

What sets crossbows apart from guns and bows is that the weapons in this category normally have longer cool down time compared to the two. However, crossbows have higher Damage Per Second rating compared to guns and bows even when tall three items are in the same item level. Crossbows cannot be crafted and can only be acquired by a player though looting, buying, or earning it from guests. When you decide to buy a crossbow, you should not expect many crossbows or expect to buy higher level ones as they are fairly rare.

Players can enhance a crossbow though the use of a scope which is usually made by engineers in World of Warcraft.



A staff is another blunt weapon in World of Warcraft that looks like a powerless thing. It usually takes up the form of a long pole has a length usually longer than that of the character using it. Staves are usually made with metal or wood or with a material that is durable enough to withstand extreme conditions. Unlike other weapons that can have accessories to improve their usability, the ornaments attached to staves are just for decoration. A staff may have small balls and sharp items on each end but those would not affect whatsoever the functionality, usability, or power of a staff. It requires two hands for it to be used as it is a two handed weapon.

A staff is normally not the weapon of choice by many WoW players but those that are casters usually prefer this over other weapons. Why? Staves have large Intellect stats that are beneficial for casters as these will increase their casting spells. All classes benefit from a staff but in the Burning Crusade expansion, melee classes were given special attention as they benefit more from a staff than other classes. In the Burning Crusade expansion also, staves were made to bring big bonuses to melee stats and would also boost the Feral attack power of the characters that belong to the class.

Almost all classes can wield a staff with the exception of Rogues, Death Knights, and Paladins. If you want your character to be trained in staves, then there are many trainers for this. Each major city has at least one trainer. When done, a trainer will point you to another trainer that will help you increase your skill rating more.

The two sides of World of Warcraft each have their own staff that is powerful. For those that belong to the Alliance side or the Alliance casters, the powerful staff that they need to acquire first is named Emberstone Staff which can be found in Deadmines. However, if the Emberstone Staff is not attainable then the Staff of Westfall would be a good option.

For those that belong to the Horde side, they can have the Crescent Staff located at the Wailing Caverns. Another good staff for Horde casters are found in the Scarlet Monastery which is named the Illusionary Rod.



A Wand is another ranged weapon that brings many different types of damage to players. Included in the list are Physical, Holy, Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow, and Arcane damage. It is often used by players in ranged and melee distance fighting as it is often faster than even a caster’s melee weapon. Wands have the ability to autoshoot and can even be used even outside the damage capacity of the user. Plus, you do not need to train to use a wand. Lastly, wands are not affected by any Disarm spell or action that the target will do.

A note of caution, however, because Wands can be interrupted by a disabling strike from the target and once it is affected by it, the attack will stop and will not reengage until it is activated by the player again.

Wands are good to be used as backup especially for low level casters. Using a wand will note exhaust your mana or ammo because it will never use them and the attack will not count as casting. This gives the benefit of a regular and normal mana regeneration for those low in mana. When players run out of mana, wands can be used to still fire at enemies or even kill a mob. You may use your wands when you want to save your remaining mana for other more important uses.

Wands are not affected by the attack power of the user that is why it is still defeated by other weapons even though the listed DPS of a wand is greater than that of the other weapon in the same level.

Some notable wands are the Lesser Magic Wand, Greater Magic Wand, Lesser Mystic Wand, and Greater Mystic Wand.



Polearms are two-handed weapons that are considered to be a melee weapon though they are the least common in World of Warcraft. A polearm is basically a long pole with a head similar to that of an axe. A polearm is usually made with metal or wood but can also be made with other more durable items. Other polearms might have protrusions or an end that is similar to a spear but these additions are very minimal as these would make a polearm into another weapon.

Polearms are used by those that want to induce greater damage. This is aside from the fact that polearms attack very slowly. On a single hit, you can inflict too much damage to your target. Because of this, polearms are a favorite weapon of hunters because they give more consideration to the Strength rather than Speed and Agility.

The classes of Hunters, Warriors, Paladins, and Druids can all train for polearms at the start of the 20th level. The class of Death Knights starts the game by training in using polearms.

Some notable polearms in World of Warcraft are the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon, Marrowstrike, Hoperender, Relentless Edge, Furious Gladiator’s Halber, and the Furious Gladiator’s Pike.


Fist Weapons

Fist weapons are also blunt weapons that will bind to the either the main hand or of hand slots of the character. These are one handed weapons that is worn by a character either by gripping it or worn as a glove. Fist weapons are still categorized as melee weapons but are more unarmed than armed.

Like other weapons, Fist Weapons can also be enhanced by Rogues when they apply poisons or enchantments. You can also put in Weightstones to enhance the Fist Weapons. Warriors, Shamans, Rogues, Hunters, and Druids can all wield Fist Weapons but only the Orc hunter race has the specialization on this weapon.

As said before, Fist Weapons can be placed in either the main hand or the off hand slot. This being said, a player can also put in two fist weapons in the two slots given that the player has the Dual Wield skill. You must take note though that there are only few Fist Weapons in the game so if you plan to level up then it is pretty difficult to maintain a fist weapon under your wing while you are leveling up. If you want though, you need to dedicate extra time in dungeons so you can find some proper, if not good, upgrades to your Fist Weapons.

When compared to other weapons, Fist weapons are virtually the same in terms of mechanics especially with daggers and one handed maces.

If you want to acquire some powerful Fist Weapons then here are some notable ones in World of Warcraft:

  • Claw of the Frost Wyrm
  • High Warlord’s Left Claw
  • Claw of the Tuskarr
  • The Stray
  • Big Bad Wolf’s Paw
  • Silithid Claw



In World of Warcraft, guns function almost the same as bows and crossbows with the exception of the mechanism it uses. Guns fire an explosive shot towards its target. Though it is not directly stated in World of Warcraft, bullets are used in guns as ammo. Guns are louder than other weapons because each fire will guarantee a loud exploding sound. It is quite irrating after a while because it will give away your location especially when you are in a PvP mode. It has the Autoshoot mode and other hunter skills that bows and crossbows also possess. Furthermore, character stats vary between each gun in the game and so as the stats of the item.

The races of Worgen, Dwarf, and Goblin may start World of Warcraft using a gun but all the races in the Hunter, Warrior, and Rogue classes can still equip guns. Among the races mentioned, the Dwarf race is the only one with Gun Specialization which gives the characters in this race an addition 1% in crit when using a gun.