World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Axe – Part 2

Axe is one of the strongest and most used weapon categories in World of Warcraft. The weapons in this category are preferred by most players as they not only inflict great damage to opponents, some of them also enhance the avatar’s characteristics. Axe weapons work much like swords and they both have the same purpose in the game. Furthermore, axes are similar to polearms and staves in terms of game mechanics. Axes are powerful weapons in World of Warcraft and often times give their users additional benefits. Here, we shall continue the tour to the many different axe weapons that you can choose from and use in World of Warcraft.

Crul’shorukh, Edge of Chaos

The Crul’shorukh, Edge of Chaos is an axe weapon that belongs to the one-hand variety. It binds when picked up by players on level 60 and higher. When using this, the character’s attack power is increased by 36 and the stamina by 13. It has an average speed rating of 2.30 and can inflict 101-188 damage to opponents that is equivalent to 62.8 damage per second.
Dark Edge of Insanity

This two-hand axe weapon type is an average performer. Players on level 60 and higher can use this weapon (it binds when picked up) to increase their strength by 35, agility by 19, and their stamina by 25. The Dark Edge of Insanity has a speed rating of 3.50 and can bestow 242-364 damage to targets. Furthermore, when you hit it right, you can disorient your target and make him wander around aimlessly for 3 seconds which is enough time for you to strike again.

The weapon’s performance does not live up to its name. The Deathbringer is a one-hand axe weapon usable by level 60 players and higher. It is rated to have a speed of 2.90 and can inflict 114-213 damage per second that is like 56.4 damage per second. When you strike in the right time, you can send a shadowy bolt to your enemy that would cost him 110-140 Shadow damage points.
Doom’s Edge

The Doom’s Edge is a one-hand axe weapon for the 60th level. It is not a powerful weapon but it increases your strength by 9, agility by 16, and stamina by 7 when you pick it up. This weapon can only do as much as 83-154 damage to opponents (51.5 damage per second) and has mediocre speed rating 2.30.
Draconic Avenger

The Draconic Avenger is a two-hand axe weapon that binds when picked up by players in the 60th level or higher. Equipping the character with this weapon shall increase its parry rating by 1.7%, strength by 21, and stamina by 18. Furthermore, with 3.20 speed rating, you can inflict 174-262 damage to your target. Also, using this weapon, you can give 68.1 damage per second to any target.
Drake Talon Cleaver

This two-hand variety of an axe weapon can deliver a fatal wound worth 240 damage. Moreover, it can also give 199-300 damage or 73.4 damage per second to your opponents. It is not a very fast weapon having only 3.40 speed rating. But, it can increase your strength by 22 and your stamina by 17 when you pick it up. Remember that you have to be in level 60 or higher to use this.
Ethereum Nexus-River

The Ethereum Nexus-River is a power two-hand axe weapon for level 70 players. When equipped with this, the character’s critical strike rating will increase by1.4% and its strength by 50. This weapon has a speed of 3.70 and can inflict 346-519 damage to your target or 116.9 damage per second. Furthermore, it is equipped with a red socket and two yellow sockets.
Fel Edged Battleaxe

It is a one-hand axe weapon that binds when equipped by players in level 70 or higher. The Fel Edged Battleaxe increases hit rating by 0.9%, and critical strike rating by 1.0. This weapon can give 128-239 damage to your target that is equals 83.4 damage per second. It has a speed rating of 2.20 and a special red socket.
Felsteel Reaper

The Felsteel Reaper is a two-hand axe that binds to the player’s character when it is equipped with this. Level 70 players use this to improve their critical strike rating by 30 and their attack power by 112. It is not a weak weapon. In fact, it can inflict 295-443 damage to your target or 108.5 damage per second to any target that you strike using it. Lastly, it has a speed rating of 3.40.

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