World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Bows – Part 10

As the world’s most subscribed game of 2011 and being the most popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft has the responsibility of constantly updating its armory and game environment. This is the reason why there are now so many weapons in the game and why other weapons become extinct within the game realm. Today, there are now hundreds of game weapons (reaching thousand including game items) that are divided into several weapons categories such as axes, fishing poles, fist weapons, swords, maces, and bows. Here, we will continue to discuss the ranged weapons, more commonly known as bows, in World of Warcraft. So, let us now continue our discussion on some of the remaining bows that we are yet to encounter.


Ogre Toothpick Shooter

Ogre Toothpick Shooter is a very simple looking bow which was added to the game via patch 1.11.1. It is an average bow considering its pretty average specifications and striking prowess. The Ogre Toothpick Shooter will bid immediately after it is picked up by a character of level 44. When it binds, the Ogre Toothpick Shooter will increase the character’s agility by as much as 7 and its stamina by 5. It has a speed rating of 2.20 and could induce 42.7 damage per second which is like 94 to 95 total damage to tis target. This level 49 item could only be dropped in Normal mode by Gordok Tribute at Dire Maul.


Orcish Battle Bow

This bow is probably the weakest weapon there is in World of Warcraft. The Orcish Battle Bow binds to a character when it is picked up but does not bring any random enchantments to the character. This level 14 bow has a speed rating of 1.90 and could only inflict 12 to 24 damage to its target or 9.6 damage per second. The Orcish Battle Bow was added in patch 1.11.1 and is similar to 8 other models: Riphook, Ashwood Bow, Azerothian Longbow, Daryl’s Hunting Bow, Dense Shortbow, Heavy Shortbow, Knog’s Bow of Ineptitude, and Shattered Bow. If you can, you might as well substitute this bow for another more powerful one to use.


Outrider’s Bow

The Outrider’s Bow is one of the most rugged looking piece of weapon in the game. This Horde side weapon was added in patch 1.11.1 and is disenchantable and refundable. It is a level 43 item that requires level 38 players to be used. The Outrider’s Bow binds immediately when it is picked up and automatically increases its host’s stamina by 10 and its agility by 3. It has a speed rating of 2.40 and could induce 38.1 damage per second (64 to 119 total health damage) to its target enemy. You can buy this item once you qualify in the level requirement from Kelm Hargunth at the Northern Barrens. You should also know though that the Outrider’s Bow will be converted into Outrunner’s Bow once you made your transfer to Alliance.


Outrunner’s Bow

As with the Outrider’s Bow, the Outrunner’s Bow is also an addition to the World of Warcraft weapons list via patch 1.11.1 and it is also disenchantable and refundable. The Outrunner’s Bow is the Alliance equivalent of the Outrider’s Bow and will be converted into the latter when you transfer to Horde. It is very similar to the Outrider’s Bow with only some noticeable differences. The Outrunner’s Bow is a ranged weapon at level 63 and requires level 58 players. This weapon binds to a character that picks it up and automatically increases the character’s agility by 4 and its stamina by 10. The Outrunner’s Bow has a speed rating of 2.40 (similar to the Outrider’s Bow) but packs a more powerful striking power. This bow could inflict 90 to 169 total damage or 53.9 health damage per second to its target enemy. You can buy the Outrunner’s Bow from Illiyana Moonblaze at Ashenvale.


Polished Shortbow

This very simple and normal looking ranged weapon was added to the World of Warcraft game weapons list through patch 1.11.1 and since then, it could not be disenchanted. The Polished Shortbow is a level 4 item with very puny prowess. In fact, the Polished Shortbow is the weakest weapon there is in World of Warcraft. Its speed is rated to be at 2.00 and the damage that it can do to its target is ticking at 2.1 damage per second (3-6 total damage) which is very low. You can buy the Polished Shortbow from 9 vendors:

  1. Avelii at The Exodar
  2. Beega at Bloodmyst Isle
  3. Celana at SIlvermoon City
  4. Kramlod Farsight at Tirisfal Glades
  5. Lina Stover at Stormwind City
  6. Narianna at Moonglade
  7. Narina at Ghostlands
  8. Paelarin at Eversong Woods
  9. Talu Frosthoof at Howling Fjord


Primitive Bow

The name of this bow is a perfect fit for the kind of look and performance that it brings to the table: primitive. The Primitive Bow was added to the game through patch 1.11.1 as an item that could not be disenchanted. The bow is not a very durable weapon and it only has a speed rating of 2.70. Plus, the Primitive Bow could just bestow 2.7 damage per second to its enemy or from 5 to 10 total health damage. For general information, here are 19 models that are similar to the Primitve Bow:

  1. Baelog’s Shortbow
  2. Ogre Toothpick Shooter
  3. Alley’s Recurve
  4. Betrayal’s Sting
  5. Bow of Invisible Aim
  6. Darkspear Hunter’s Bow
  7. Farstrider’s Bow
  8. Fine Shortbow
  9. Hawkeye Bow
  10. Hunting Bow
  11. Shipwreck Bow
  12. Sylvan Shortbow
  13. Cadet’s Bow
  14. Hornwood Recurve Bow
  15. Laminated Recurve Bow
  16. Warder’s Shortbow
  17. Worn Ranger’s Bow
  18. Worn Shortbow
  19. Mishandled Recurve Bow


Quillfire Bow

The Quiffire Bow is often overlooked by many WoW players as there are more powerful items in the player level that it belongs to. However, this ranged World of Warcraft weapon in itself is very useful and quite powerful on its own. The Quillfire Bow has an item level of 55 and requires level 50 players to function. It binds to a character when it is equipped and brings an assortment of random enchantments. The Quilffire Bow will increase the agility of the character by 8, spirit by 8, stamina by 8, intellect by 5, and ranged attack power by as much as 19. Aside from those, the Quillfire Bow has a natural speed rating of 2.30 and could induce 68 to 128 total health damage (equivalent to 42.7 damage per second) to its target enemy. There are about 200 characters in World of Warcraft that has dropped this item; the list includes:

  • Illycor at Blasted Lands
  • Temporal Parasite at Western Plaguelands
  • Silicate Feeder at Ruins of Ahn’Qiraji
  • Dark Keeper Uggel at Blackrock Depths
  • Crown Sprinkler at Winterspring
  • Thunderstomp Stegodon at Un’Goro Crater
  • Hahk’Zor at Burning Steppes
  • Scarshield Legionnaire at Blackrock Spire
  • Rotting Sludge at Eastern Plaguelands, Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave
  • Setis at Silithus
  • Marshtide Mage at Swamp of Sorrows
  • Nethergarde Miner at Blasted Lands
  • Xandivious at Winterspring
  • Dreadmaul Brute at Blasted Lands
  • Wrath Hammer Construct at Blackrock Depths
  • Rotting Behemoth at Western Plaguelands
  • Tortured Sentinel at Silithus
  • Stonard Kodo Beast at Swamp of Sorrows
  • Xorothian Satyr at Winterspring
  • Nightmare Scalebane at Sunken Temple
  • Nightmare Wrmkin at Sunken Temple
  • Twilight’s Hammer Ambassador at Blackrock Depths
  • Drowned Gilnean Settler at Blasted Lands
  • Scarlet Captain at Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave
  • Durrin Direshovel at Un’Goro Crater
  • Enthralled Makrura at Swamp of Sorrows
  • Scarlet Commander Rodrick at Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave
  • Sorrow Venomspitter at Swamp of Sorrows
  • Enthralled Atal’ai at Sunken Temple
  • Hakkari Frostwing at Sunken Temple
  • Ragereaver Golem at Blackrock Depths
  • Lost Ravager at Winterspring
  • Gilblin Stalker at Swamp of Sorrows



The Quillshooter is one of the simplest and most basic looking weapons in World of Warcraft. This ranged level 45 weapon binds immediately to a level 40 character when it is equipped. When it is equipped, the Quillshooter bow will also give you a chance to strike your target using the Quill Shot for additional 66-98 Nature damage. This bow has a natural speed rating of 2.80 and is only capable of giving 39.7 damage per second or from 77to 145 total health damage to its target. There are 15 characters in World of Warcraft that has dropped the Quilshooter; the characters are:

  1. Tomb Reaver at Razorfen Downs
  2. Skeletal Summoner at Razorfen Downs
  3. Withered Quilguard at Razorfen Downs
  4. Thorn Eater Ghoul at Razorfen Downs
  5. Boneflayer Ghoul at Razorfen Downs
  6. Frozen Soul at Razorfen Downs
  7. Death’s Head Necromancer at Razorfen Downs
  8. Withered Reaver at Razorfen Downs
  9. Tomb Fiend at Razorfen Downs
  10. Skeletal Frostweaver at Razorfen Downs
  11. Splinterbone Captain at Razorfen Downs
  12. Razorfen Batteguard at Razorfen Downs and Thousand Needles
  13. Death’s Head Geomancer at Razorfen Downs
  14. Withered Warrior at Razorfen Downs


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