World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Bows – Part 4

In this article, we will continue our discussion on some of the remaining bows in World of Warcraft that we have not touched yet. Some of the bows that are included here are powerful while some are not so powerful. On a similar note, there are some bows that have been included in this article that are no longer available in World of Warcraft servers worldwide. However, we still will discuss them just for general knowledge and that you know what has been and is in World of Warcraft.

Deep Strike Bow

The Deep Strike Bow is a ranged weapon in World of Warcraft that binds immediately to players in level 55 when it is picked up. When that happens, Deep Strike Bow will increase the agility of the character by, its stamina by 4 and its intellect by 6. Furthermore, when the Deep Strike Bow is equipped, it will increase the critical strike rating of the character by as much as 0.47% or 6. It is an average bow by all means as it has a speed rating of 2.70 and the damage infliction powers is from 97 to 181 points or is equivalent to 51.4 health damage per second. Deep Strike Bow is similar to 18 models which include the following:

  • Quillshooter
  • Ranger Bow
  • Skystriker Bow
  • Sandstrider’s Mark
  • Stinging Bow
  • Bow of Ire
  • Gryphonwing Long Bow
  • Needle Threader
  • Houndmaster’s Bow
  • Harpyclaw Short Bow
  • Archstrike Bow
  • Mag’har Bow
  • Elune-Blessed Bow
  • Quillfire Bow
  • Scorch wood Bow
  • Master Hunter’s Bow
  • Raptor’s End


Dense Shortbow

Dense Shortbow is for players in the earlier levels like level 30. It is a ranged weapon that binds to the character only when it is equipped. Its speed rating of 1.90 can do nothing to increase its damage infliction power which is at 23.9 damage per second or from 31 to 59 overall health damage. The Dense Shortbow sells for 51 and can be bought from 6 World of Warcraft characters. The characters are Bhaldaran Ravenshade, Haren Kanmae, Jensen Farran, Mu’uta, Starn, and Zanara. The said characters can be found in Ashenvale, The Cape of Stanglethorn, Dustwallow Marsh, Arathi Highlands, and Thousand Needles.


Dream Catcher Bow

The Dream Catcher Bow is one of the more powerful bows in World of Warcraft and has a required player level of 69. It is a ranged bow which binds when it is equipped. Once your character is equipped with the Dream Catcher Bow, it will improve its agility by 17, strength by 17, stamina by 25, intellect by 17, and attack power by 34. Aside from those random enchantments, the Dream Catcher Bow has a natural speed rating of 2.70 which is pretty mediocre considering other speed ratings of the weapons of its kind. However, the Dream Catcher Bow makes up for that with is very powerful attack force which is rated at 156-291 damage or 82.7 health damage per second. Dream Catcher Bow can be picked up on several places in the virtual universe of World of Warcraft as it is dropped by over 200 characters. The list includes:

  • Azaloth at Shadowmoon Valley
  • Arcane Protector at Karazhan
  • Lair Brute at Gruul’s Lair
  • Twilight Drakonaar at The Alcatraz
  • Slaag at Terokkar Forest
  • Sister of Please at the Black Temple
  • Crimson Hand Inquisitor at The Eye
  • Tempest-Forge Peacekeeper at The Botanica
  • Coilfang Hate-Screamer at Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Shadowsword Vanquisher at Sunwell Plateau
  • Abyssal Flamewalker at the Isle of Quel’Danas
  • Culuthas at Netherstorm
  • Shattered Hand Centurion at The Shattered Halls
  • Blackwind Sabercat at Terokkar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley
  • Sunblade Blood Knight at the Magiters’ Terrace
  • Giand Infernal at Hyjal Summit
  • Coilfang Slavemaster at The Steamvault
  • Cabal Deathsworn at the Shadow Labyrinth
  • Bash’ir Spell-Thief at the Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Laughing Skull Warden at The Blood Furnace
  • Rift Lord at the Black Morass
  • Amani’shi Wind Walker at Zul’Aman
  • Illidari Assassin at the Black Temple
  • Sethekk Guard at the Sethekk Halls
  • Ethereal Priest at Mana-Tombs
  • Durnholde Rifleman at The Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Raging Skeleton at Auchenai Crypts


Eaglehorn Long Bow

This ranged World of Warcraft weapon has a speed rating of 1.80 and can strike quite a powerful blow to its opponent. But first, it needs to be picked up and equipped to a character of level 58 or higher for its powers to bind with the owner. When that happens, the Eaglehorn Long Bow will increase the character’s stamina by 4 and its agility by 10. It has an attack power that puts it just above the average line of bow performances. The Eaglehorn Long Bow can induce damage from 67 to 127 or 53.9 damage per second. You can buy this bow or pick it up from several locations including Feralas, Blackwing Lair, Ruins of Agn’Qiraj, Molten Core, and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. The Eaglehorn Long Bow is dropped by 34 World of Warcraft characters incluing Vekniss Warrior, Lava Surger, Flameguard, Blackwing Technician, Lava Elemental, Vekniss Stinger, Qiraji Champion and The Razza.


Ethereal Warp-Bow

As a bow, the Ethereal Warp-Bow is quite a strong performer. However, you have to reach level 64 before you can use it. If it binds to a character, it increases its stamina by 13 and its critical strike rating by 14. The Ethereal Warp-Bow has a speed rating of 2.70 and can inflict quite a lethal damage. It is written that this bow can induce 163 to 246 health damage to its target or 75.7 health damage per second. However, this ultra useful and powerful bow is dropped by only one character and that is the Nexus-Prince Shaffar at the Mana-Tombs.


Expert’s Bow

The Expert’s Bow lives up to its name as it requires quite a high player level (meaning greater experience) ticking at 64. This ranged weapon binds when it is equipped and when it does, it improves the character’s stamina by 22, agility by 7 strength by 7, hit rating by 7, dodge rating by 7, and critical strike rating by 7. Aside from those, the Expert’s Bow packs 2.70 speed rating and a very powerful 70.1 health damage per second infliction powers or is equivalent to 132 to 247 total damage. It sells for 4 golds, 77 silvers, and 58 bronzes or you could just pick it up when you are lucky enough. It Is dropped by 86 other World of Warcraft characters at different map locations. The list includes:

  • Stronglimb Deeproot at The Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Sslith at Zangarmarsh
  • Phasing Sorcerer at Auchenai Crypts
  • Gurok the Usurper at the Nagrand
  • Ethereal Sorcerer at the Mana-Tombs
  • Durnholde Warden at The Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Sunfury Eradicator at Shadowmoon Valley
  • Avian Ripper at Sethekk Halls
  • Thunderlord Dire Wolf at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Ravenous Windroc at Nagrand
  • Sethekk Oracle at Sethekk Halls


Farstrider’s Bow

Now this bow is no longer available for use in any World of Warcraft server around the world. However, it could not be denied that this bow has once played a part in the success of the game and therefore deserves a mention in this article. The Farstrider’s Bow has a speed rating of 2.80 and can inflict 16-31 damage or 8.5 health damage per second which is not that amazing or even average. The Farstrider’s Bow is similar to other models like Baelog’s Shortbow, Alley’s Recurve, Darkspear Hunter’s Bow, Hawkeye Bow, Cadet’s Bow, Sylvan Shortbow, Primitive Bow, Worn Shortbow, and Hornwood Recurve Bow.


Farstrider’s Longbow

The Farstrider’s Longbow is a reward that you can get from The Traitor’s Destruction. It is a ranged World of Warcraft weapon that increases the agility of the character by 3 and its stamina by 3 when it binds to it. The Farstrider’s Longbow has a speed rating of 1.70 and can only inflict as much as 18.4 damage per second or from 21 to 41 total damage to its target.


Feather-Wrapped Bow

The Feather-Wrapped Bow is one of the more powerful ranged weapons in World of Warcraft. This bow binds to the character immediately when it is picked up. Once it binds, its effect is that it improves the agility of the character by as much as 13 and its stamina is also increased by good 6 points. The Feather-Wrapped Bow has a speed rating of 2.70 but it is not there where the power of this bow lies. It is in its attack power. The Feather-Wrapped Bow is capable of inflicting 65.0 health damage per second to its unlucky victim or from 122 to 229 overall health damage to which character it strikes. It is sold for 4 golds, 7 silvers, or 93 bronzes. If you could not afford it then you need to enter a quest when in the 62nd level to get this as a reward. The quest you need to complete is Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil.

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