World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Bows – Part 9

This is now the ninth part of the series of articles focusing on the Bows weapon category in World of Warcraft. This article includes some of the most powerful WoW weapons and also some of the weakest weapons. So, let us start.


Mishandled Recurve Bow

Mishandled Recurve Bow is just your typical ranged World of Warcraft weapon. It requires level 19 players but would not bring any random enchantments to whomever it binds to. This bow has a speed rating of 2.40 and could only inflict a very measly 9.6 damage per second (16 to 31 total damage). The Mishandled Recurve Bow may be one of the weakest and puniest weapons in World of Warcraft but it has one redeeming characteristic: durability. Mishandled Recurve Bow is a pretty durable weapon and would serve any level 19 player for quite a good amount of time. It is dropped by about 200 characters (including NPCs) in several locations including:

  • Black Slime at Wetlands
  • Bluegil Warrior at Wetlands
  • Writhing Terror at Duskwood
  • Hillsbrad Tailor at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Lor’danel Sentinel at Darkshore
  • Bloodfury Windcaller at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Xavian Rogue at Ashenvale
  • Lorgus Jett at Blackfathon Deeps
  • Gath’Ilzogg at Retridge Mountains
  • Darkslayer Mordenthal at Ashenvale
  • Riverpaw Poacher at The Stockade
  • Luzran at Ghostlands
  • Northwatch Bodyguard at Azshara
  • Splinter Fist Ogre at Duskwood
  • Shifty Thief at The Stockade
  • Elder Barrens Giraffe at the Northern Barrens
  • Addled Leper at Gnomeregan
  • Silverwind Conqueror at Ashenvale
  • Razorgen Servitor at Southern Barrens, Thousand Needles, and Razorfen Kraul
  • Deathsworn Captain at Shadowfang Keep
  • Prisoner at Stormwind City
  • Witherbacrk Shadowcaster at Arathi Highlands
  • Dragonmaw Whelpstealer at Wetlands


Monolithic Bow

Monolithic Bow binds immediately to a character that picks it up but it requires player level 35 for it to bind. When it binds, the Monolithic Bow will increase the agility of its host by 5 and its stamina by 5. The bow was added in patch 1.11.1 and has an item level of 40. It has a speed rating of 2.70 and could inflict a mediocre 35.7 damage per second which is equivalent to giving 67 to 126 total damage to its target. The Monolithic Bow is dropped by the characters:

  • Shadowforge Sharpshooter at Uldaman
  • Venomlash Scorpid at Uldaman
  • Earthen Sculptor at Uldaman
  • Stonevault Mauler at Uldaman
  • Jadespine Basilisk at Uldaman
  • Shrike Bat at Uldaman
  • Stone Steward at Uldaman
  • Stonevault Brawler at Uldaman


Naga Heartpiercer

The Naga Heartpiercer is a ranged bow that looks very unassuming as it should be. It requires level 20 players and would immediately bind after it is picked up. After binding, the Naga Heartpiercer will improve the character’s agility by 4. It has an average natural speed rating of 2.90 and could only give 21.1 damage per second (42 to 80 total damage). This item is dropped by Lady Sarevess at the Blackfathom Deeps.


Needle Threader

Needle Threader is another ranged World of Warcraft weapon that binds to a character when it is picked up. It requires level 42 characters to do so and when it binds, it will automatically increase the character’s stamina by 6 and its spirit by as much as 4. The Needle Threader is by all means a very average weapon with speed of 2.00 and damage infliction prowess up to57 to 108 damage points or 41.2 damage per second. The same goes for its durability as it is not the most durable but is also not the least durable weapon in World of Warcraft. This World of Warcraft weapon has a vendor price of 1 Gold, 66 Silver, and 94 Bronze; Auction House Gold of 33 Gold and 10 Silver; and a Disenchantment Value of 8 Gold and 24 Silver. You can pick up the Needle Threader from several locations as it is dropped by 147 characters including:

  • Captain Dreadbeard at Tanaris
  • Sandfury Blood Drinker at Zul’Farrak, Tanaris
  • Sandfury Guardian at Zul’Farrak
  • Anathemus at Badlands
  • Garginox at Eastern Plaguelands
  • Shadowsworn Netherguard at Felwood
  • Dark Iron Geologist at Searing Gorge
  • Risen Gallant at Stratholme
  • Winterfall Totemic at Winterspring
  • Dark Iron  Excavator at Searing Gorge
  • Darkflight Flameable at Badlands
  • Centipaar Wasp at Tanaris
  • Crypt Beast at Stratholme
  • Carrion Swarmer at Dire Maul
  • Felpaw Scavenger at Felwood
  • Sul’lithuz Abomination at Zul’Farrak
  • Wastewander Trackker at Tanaris
  • Cursed Ooze at Tanaris
  • Carrion Devourer at Eastern Plaguelands
  • Hammered Patron at Blackrock Depths
  • Plaguewood Reanimator at Eastern Plaguelands
  • Bloodhound at Blackrock Depths
  • Bulwark Defender at Thousand Needles
  • Ravasaur at Un’Goro Crater
  • Winterfall Den Watcher at Winterspring
  • Anvilrage Warden at Blackrock Depths
  • Bloodvenom Slimeslave at Felwood


Netherstrand Longbow

Netherstrand Longbow is one powerful bow to beat and it also looks menacingly and powerfully gorgeous. In fact, it is one of the most useful and most used bows in World of Warcraft. This ranged weapon requires level 70 players and has an item level of 175. When it was added in patch 2.1.0, it was classed into Hunter and could not be disenchanted nor does it have equipment cool down. It binds to a character when it is equipped and improves the character’s stamina by 20. Furthermore, it will also improve the character’s ranged critical strike rating by 50, ranged attack power by 70, ranged weapon critical strike damage bonus by as much as 50%, and increases the physical damage taken by the target by 5% (note: this effect could be applied for 5 times and would last a total of 30 seconds). The Netherstrand Longbow has a speed rating of 2.90 which is pretty average for bows but its striking power is what would impress anyone. The Netherstrand Longbow could inflict a whopping 159.0 damage per second which is similar to 368 to 554 total health damage. Aside from those, when the Netherstrand Longbow is used, it will summon a bundle of Nether Spikes that you could use as ammo. Not only that, the Netherstrand Longbow is also one of the most durable weapons in the whole of World of Warcraft. You can pick this up at The Eye as it is dropped there by Netherstrand Longbow.


Nightstalker Bow

The Nightstalker Bow is a level 35 item that requires level 30 players to use it. It binds immediately when it is picked up and will automatically increase the agility of the character by 4 and its stamina by 4. It has a speed rating of 2.80 and could only give 30.2 damage per second or from 59 to 110 total health damage to its target enemy. Furthermore, the Nightstalker Bow is also not one of the more durable bows in the game world. It has a vendor price of 50 Silver and 86 Bronze with a disenchantment value of 62 Silver and 66 Bronze. The Nightstalker Bow is dropped by only one character and that is the Blind Hunter at the Razoren Kraul.


Orc Flatbow

This is another range weapon in World of Warcraft that was added in patch 2.0.1 and binds to a character when equipped. The Orc Flatbow is a level 114 item which requires level 68 players to use it. When it binds to a character, it brings an assortment of random enchantments. The Orc Flatbow will increase the agility of the character by 17, its intellect by 17, attack power by 34, spirit by 12, stamina by 25, and strength by 17. Furthermore, it will also improve the critical strike rating of the character by as much as 8 points  and its hit rating by 8. The Orc Flatbow has a speed rating of 2.70 and could induce a good amount of damage to its target ticking at 80.3 damage per second or from 151 to 282 total damage points. This item is dropped by over 200 characters which include:

  • Alandien at Shadwomoon Valley
  • Unliving Sorcerer at Auchenai Crypts
  • Aqueous Surger at Black Temple
  • Tidewalker Harpooner at Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Sunblade Dusk Priest at Sunwell Plateau
  • Shattered Hand Hounmaster at The Shattered Halls
  • Naberius at Netherstorm
  • Tempest-Forge Destroyer at The Mechanar
  • Nethervine Trickster at The Botanica
  • Cabal Cultist at the Shadow Labyrinth
  • Shattered Hand Brawler at The Shattered Halls
  • Deathshadow Acolyte at Nagrand
  • Rift Keeper at The Black Morass
  • Unleashed Hellion at the Isle of Quel’Danas
  • Bonechewer Worker at the Black Temple
  • Concubine at Karazhan
  • Ethereum Slayer at The Arcatraz
  • Talonpriest Zellek at Terokkar Forest
  • Sunblade Keeper at the Magisters’ Terrace
  • Sethekk Guard at the Sethekk Halls
  • Shadowmoon Warlock at The Blood Furnace
  • Coilfang Warrior at The Steamvault
  • Nascent Fel Orc at The Blood Furnace
  • Ethereal Darkcaster at Mana-Tombs
  • Ghoul at Hyjal Summit
  • Simon Unit at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Crimson Hand Centurion at The Eye
  • Fleshfiend at Netherstorm
  • Coilfang Defender at The Slave Pens
  • Phantom Guardsman at Karazhan


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