World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Crossbows – Part 3

Crossbows no longer need a long introduction as they are quite famous in World of Warcraft. Here, we shall discuss some crossbows that you might use in the game. So, let us start.


Adamantine Repeater

The Adamantine Repeater is a level 115 crossbow that binds to level 70 characters or higher. The Adamantine Crossbow is a futuristic looking bow wherein you would expect to see in movies like Star Wars or Star Trek. This WoW item was added to the game via patch 2.0.1 and is a disenchantable item. It binds to characters in the 70th level when picked up and will automatically increase the character’s agility by 15 and hit rating by 10 or 0.68%. The speed rating of the Adamantine Repeater is 3.00 while it can induce 93.3 damage per second or from 224 to 337 total health damage to its target. It is pretty much a capable weapon but you still need to execute caution when using this item as it is not the most precise and accurate one there is. It sells for 6 Gold, 56 Silver, and 19 Bronze and was dropped only in Heroic mode by Keli’dan the Breaker at The Blood Furnace.


Battle Damaged Crossbow

Battle Damaged Crossbow is one that you can rely on. This WoW item is one of the more popular weapons (crossbows, that is) in the game. Added in patch 2.0.1, the Battle Damaged Crossbow is sold to players for 5 Gold, 31 Silver, and 52 Bronze. The Battle Damage Crossbow binds to characters with level 65 (the item level of this WoW item is 105) when it is equipped. When it does bind, it brings several random enchantments including the increase in agility by 15, intellect by 15, spirit by 15, strength by 15, and stamina by 22. It will also improve the critical strike rating of the character by as much as 7, hit rating by 7, and stamina by 22. Moving on to its main specifications, the Battle Damaged Crossbow has 2.70 speed rating and has a pretty powerful strike which is at 72.7 damage per second or from 137 to 256 health damage to its targets. However, the Battle Damaged Crossbow seems to be damaged in durability so you should exercise extra care when using it. You can pick up this item from 108 characters including:

  • Auchenai Necromancer at Auchenai Crypts
  • Bloodmaul Soothsayer at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Dr. Boom at Netherstorm
  • Apex at Netherstorm
  • Ehtereum Assassin at Netherstorm
  • Razaani Spell-Thief at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Felsworn Daggermaw at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Infinite Slayer at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Raging Skeleton at Auchenai Crypts
  • Durnholde Rifleman at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Ethereal Spellbinder at Mana-Tombs
  • Durnholde Theurgist at Mana-Tombs
  • Durnholde Mage at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Sethekk Oracle at Sethekk Halls
  • Sethekk Prophet at Sethekk Halls
  • Gan’arg Tinkerer at Nagrand
  • Murkblood Brute at Nagrand
  • Aged Clefthoof at Nagrand
  • Eclipsion Archmage at Shadowmon Valley
  • Mature Silkwing at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Scorch Imp at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Blackfang Tarantula at The Black Morass
  • Tarren Mill Guardsman at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Zorbo the Advisor at Nagrand
  • Dark Conclave Shadowmancer at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Eclipsion Dragonhawk at Shadowmoon Valley
  • Gava’xi at Nagrand
  • Giselda the Crone at Nagrand
  • Ortor of Murkblood at Nagrand
  • Razaani Nexus Stalker at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Phantasmal Possessor at Auchenai Crypts
  • Nexus Stalker at Mana-Tombs
  • Living Cyclone at Nagrand
  • Kil’sorrow Deathsworn
  • Felfire Diemetradon at Shadowmoon Valley
  • Bloodmaul Skirmisher at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Agitated Orc Spirit at Nagrand
  • Auchenai Monk at Auchenai Crypts

The Battle Damage Crossbow is similar to these models:

  1. Blackcrow (level 60 item, level 55 players)
  2. Bloodseeker (level 63 item, level 51 players)
  3. Carapace Spine Crossbow (level 53 item, level 48 players)
  4. Fahrad’s Reloading Repeater (level 65 item)
  5. Swiftwind (level 40 item, level 35 players)
  6. Assassins’ Silent Crossbow (level 108 item, level 66 players)
  7. Heartseeking Crossbow (level 56 item, level 51 players)
  8. Skull Splitting Crossbow (level 48 item, level 43 players)
  9. Crystalpine Stinger (level 32 item, level 27 players)
  10. Archer’s Crossbow (level 99 item, level 63 players)
  11. Grebo’s Crossbow (level 30 item, level 26 players)
  12. Crossbow of the Twice-Slain (level 21 item, level 19 players)
  13. Mercenary’s Crossbow (level 37 item)
  14. Plaguefix Launcher (level 42 item, level 39 players)
  15. Pocket Ballista (level 111 item, level 67 players)
  16. Rampant Crossbow (level 120 item, level 70 players)
  17. Paulson’s Crossbow (level 28 item, level 26 players)
  18. Huntsman’s Crossbow (level 17 item, level 13 players)
  19. Marshal’s Light Crossbow (level 10 item, level 7 players)
  20. Repeater Crossbow (level 93 item, level 61 players)
  21. Shrewd Crossbow (level 18 item, level 14 players)
  22. Silver Crossbow Hunter (level 12 item)
  23. Steelarrow Crossbow (level 27 item, level 22 players)
  24. Stronghold Crossbow (level 87 item, level 59 players)
  25. Tower Crossbow (level 81 item, level 57 players)
  26. Underestimated Crossbow (level 13 item, level 11 players)
  27. Well-Balanced Crossbow (level 117 item, level 69 players)
  28. Abbey Defender’s Crossbow (level 5 item, level 2 players)
  29. Fine Light Crossbow (level 21 item, level 16 players)
  30. Heavy Crossbow (level 34 item, level 29 players)
  31. Houndmaster’s Crossbow (level 5 item)
  32. Light Crossbow (level 8 item, level 3 players)
  33. Night Web Crossbow (level 5 item, level 2 players)
  34. Weathered Crossbow (level 2 item)


Citadel Crossbow

Citadel Crossbow is a capable WoW item but also has its downside. This level 90 item will bind to characters in the 60th level or higher when it is equipped. In this event, the Citadel Crossbow will increase the bound character’s agility by 13, intellect by 13, spirit by 13, stamina by 19, critical strike rating by 6, hit rating by 6, and attack power by 26. Aside from those things, the speed of the Citadel Crossbow is 2.70 and it can induce 117-219 damage or 62.2 damage per second to its target enemy. Now, the downside of this item is its durability (as is the case of many crossbows) but the proper care and caution would solve this problem. Citadel Crossbow is sold for 4 Gold, 54 Silver, and 99 Bronze but you could also pick this up from these characters:

  • Coilfang Observer at the Slave Pens
  • Bonechewer Ripper at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Murkblood Healer at The Underbog
  • Coilfang Scale-Healer at The Slave Pens
  • Shadowy Summoner at Terokkar Forest
  • Laughing Skull Warden at The Blood Furnace
  • Shattered Hand Mage at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Laughing Skull Enforcer at The Blood Furnace
  • Drillmaster Zurok at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Underbog Lurker at The Underbog
  • Greater Bogstrok at The Slave Pens
  • Bleeding Hollow Darkcaster at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Nascent Fel Orc (The Blood Furnace)
  • Bleeding Hollow Archer at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Shadowmoon Adept at The Blood Furnace
  • Bleeding Hollow Scryer at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Bonechewer Ravener at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Coilfang Enchantress at The Slave Pens
  • Underbog Shambler at The Underbog
  • Coilfang Enchantress at The Slave Pens
  • Vicious Teromoth at Terokkar Forest
  • Laughing Skull Rogue at The Blood Furnace
  • Coilfang Slavehandler at The Slave Pens
  • Bloodscale Overseer at Zangarmarsh
  • Felguard Brute at The Blood Furnace
  • Darkcrest Taskmaster at Zangarmarsh
  • Bleeding Hollow Dark Shaman at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Sister of Grief at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Felguard Annihilator at The Blood Furnace
  • Feralfen Druid at Zangarmarsh
  • Mistress of Doom at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Male Kaliri Hatchling at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Azreth the Merciless at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Femail Kaliri Hatchling at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shattered Hand Neophyte at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Bonestripper Vulture at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Marsh Dredger at Zangarmarsh
  • Parched Hydra at Zangarmarsh
  • Bleeding Hollow Necrolyte at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Bleeding Hollow Tormentor at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shienor Talonite at Terokkar Forest
  • Thornfang Ravager at Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh
  • Fel Orc Neophyte at The Blood Furnace
  • Fungal Giant at Zangarmarsh
  • Laughing Skull Legionnaire at The Blood Furnace
  • Shattered Hand Guard at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Steam Pump Overseer at Zangarmarsh

The Citadel Crossbow is similar to these 9 models:

  1. Truestrike Crossbow (level 115 item, level 70 players)
  2. Arugoo’s Crossbow of Destruction (level 12 item, level 8 players)
  3. Barreled Crossbow (level 114 item, level 68 players)
  4. Crossbow of the Hand (level 20 item, level 18 players)
  5. Expedition Repeater (level 93 item, level 61 players)
  6. Ironstar Repeater (level 81 item, level 58 players)
  7. Ram’s Head Crossbow (level 84 item, level 58 players)
  8. Crossbow of the Albatross (level 10 item, level 5 players)
  9. Draenic Light Crossbow (level 71 item, level 60 players)

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