World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Crossbows – Part 4

Part 4 of the Crossbows articles series in this website will discuss about several more of these ranged weapons in the game. Weapons included here include one of the strongest and one of the weakest (probably THE WEAKEST) item in World of Warcraft. So let us start your tour.


Carapace Spine Crossbow

If you have been reading the articles in this website for quite some time (if you are still new then I advice for you to start on the beginning), then the Carapace Spine Crossbow is very familiar already. This WoW item has been discussed in some weapon descriptions in the past articles. The Carapace Spine Crossbow is a ranged WoW item that was added to the armory when patch 1.11.1 came. This WoW item is a level 53 weapon that requires players to reach the level 48 first before it will bind to their characters (of course after picking it up). When it binds, the Carapace Spine Crossbow will immediately increase the character’s agility by 7 and stamina by 7. Its speed is rated at 2.90 which is not impressive in any way. Like its speed, the striking ability of the Carapace Spine Crossbow is also mediocre being able to inflict 45.9 damage per second (106 – 160 Damage) to its target. To complete its mediocre specifications, the Carapace Spine Crossbow’s durability is also pretty average and is quite not durable enough for you to use in some situations. This WoW item sells for 2 Gold, 42 Silver, and 66 Bronze and was dropped in Normal mode by Nerub’enkan at Stratholme. The Carapace Spine Crossbow is the same model as these:

  1. Blackcrow (level 60 item, level 55 players)
  2. Bloodseeker (level 63 item, level 51 players)
  3. Crystalspine Stinger (level 32 item, level 27 players)
  4. Fahrad’s Reloading Repeater (level 65 item)
  5. Heartseeking Crossbow (level 56 item, level 51 players)
  6. Assassins’ Silent Crossbow (level 108 item, level 66 players)
  7. Swiftwind (level 40 item, level 35 players)
  8. Skull Splitting Crossbow (level 48 item, level 43 players)
  9. Crystalpine Stinger (level 32 item, level 27 players)
  10. Archer’s Crossbow (level 99 item, level 63 players)
  11. Grebo’s Crossbow (level 30 item, level 26 players)
  12. Crossbow of the Twice-Slain (level 21 item, level 19 players)
  13. Mercenary’s Crossbow (level 37 item)
  14. Huntsman’s Crossbow (level 17 item, level 13 players)
  15. Marshal’s Light Crossbow (level 10 item, level 7 players)
  16. Repeater Crossbow (level 93 item, level 61 players)
  17. Shrewd Crossbow (level 18 item, level 14 players)
  18. Silver Crossbow Hunter (level 12 item)
  19. Plaguefix Launcher (level 42 item, level 39 players)
  20. Pocket Ballista (level 111 item, level 67 players)
  21. Rampant Crossbow (level 120 item, level 70 players)
  22. Paulson’s Crossbow (level 28 item, level 26 players)
  23. Steelarrow Crossbow (level 27 item, level 22 players)
  24. Stronghold Crossbow (level 87 item, level 59 players)
  25. Tower Crossbow (level 81 item, level 57 players)
  26. Underestimated Crossbow (level 13 item, level 11 players)
  27. Well-Balanced Crossbow (level 117 item, level 69 players)
  28. Abbey Defender’s Crossbow (level 5 item, level 2 players)
  29. Fine Light Crossbow (level 21 item, level 16 players)
  30. Heavy Crossbow (level 34 item, level 29 players)
  31. Houndmaster’s Crossbow (level 5 item)
  32. Light Crossbow (level 8 item, level 3 players)
  33. Night Web Crossbow (level 5 item, level 2 players)
  34. Weathered Crossbow (level 2 item)


Coilfang Needler

Coilfang Needler is one not so popular weapon in World of Warcraft. This feisty looking crossbow was a product of patch 2.0.1. The Coilfang Needler, a level 91 item, has a level requirement of 63. Players that can reach this level may only have to pick the Coilfang Needler for them to use it as it will bind automatically. In this event, this WoW item will increase the character’s agility by 12 and stamina by as much as 17 points. Aside from those, the Coilfang Needler has 2.90 speed and can induce 72.1 damage per second  to its target equivalent to 167 – 251 Damage. Durability wise, you should expect it to be durable but not as much as the toughest weapons in the armory. It is sold for 5 Gold, 13 Silver, and 51 Bronze and  was dropped in Normal mode by Rokmar the Crackler at The Slave Pens.

The Coilfang Needler is the same model as:

  • Crossbow of Imminent Doom (level 72 item, level 60 players)
  • Polished Ironwood Crossbow (level 71 item, level 60 players)


Collapsible Crossbow

The Collapsible Crossbow is not so collapsible (TRANSLATION: weak) at all. This WoW item was added via patch 2.0.1 as a level 96 item that will bind to level 62 players and higher when equipped. The Collapsible Crossbow brings in a lot of random enchantments and some of them are the increase in the bound character’s agility by 14, strength by 14, spirit by 9, intellect by 9, and stamina by 21. The Collapsible Crossbow also has the capability of increasing the critical strike rating of the character by as much as 7 points, hit rating by 7 points, and dodge rating by 7 points. Aside from those random enchantments, the Collapsible Crossbow might be seen as “average” by many players. Its speed of 2.70 is average for crossbows in World of Warcraft and it can only inflict 65.0 damage per second (122 – 229 Damage) to its target enemies. The durability of the Collapsible Crossbow is also pretty low so utmost care must be executed when using it. Still, when compared to other crossbows, the Collapsible Crossbow is stronger. This WoW item can be bought for 4 Gold, 85 Silver, and 33 Bronze and was also dropped by 133 characters including:

  • Ironspine Gazer at Zangarmarsh
  • Tuurem Underling at Terokkar Forest
  • Rip-Blade Ravager at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Ethereal Arcanist at Terokkar Forest
  • Lisaile Fireweaver at Terokkar Forest
  • Bog Giant at The Underbog
  • Ethereal Crypt Raider at Mana-Tombs
  • Injured Talbuk at Nagrand
  • Auchenai Soulpriest at Auchenai Crypts
  • Wrathfin Myrmidon at The Underbog
  • Coilfang Champion at The Slave Pens
  • Murkblood Tribesman at The Underbog
  • Murkblood Putrifier at Nagrand
  • Bloodmaul Brewmaster at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Bog Lord at The Underbog
  • Cabal Adjurist at Terokkar Forest
  • Murkblood Oracle at The Underbog
  • Boulderist Invader at Terokkar Forest
  • Lykul Stinger at The Underbog
  • Arzeth the Merciless at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Blacktalon the Savage at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Dullgrom Dredger at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Lordaeron Watchman at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Shattered Hand Neophyte at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shattered Hand Warlock at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Vekh’nir Dreadhawk at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Wekh’nir Keeneye at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Fen Ray at The Underbog
  • Bloodscale Enchantress at Zangarmarsh
  • Boulderfist Crusher at Nagrand
  • Underbog Lurker at The Underbog
  • Warmaul Shaman at Nagrand
  • Nexus Stalker at Mana-Tombs
  • Skithian Dreadhawk at Terokkar Forest
  • Underbog Shambler at The Underbog
  • Windroc at Nagrand
  • Cabal Tomb-Raider at Terokkar Forest
  • Shattered Hand Grunt at Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shadowy Executioner at Terokkar Forest
  • Starving Bog Lord at Zangarmarsh
  • Starving Fungal Giant at Zangarmarsh
  • Timber Worg Alpha at Terokkar Forest
  • Tortured Earth Spirit at Nagrand
  • Auchenai Death-Speaker at Terokkar Forest
  • Auchenai Vindicator at Auchenai Crypts
  • Coilfang Scale-Healer at The Slave Pens
  • Bladespire Brute at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Lake Spirit at Nagrand
  • Lashg’an Talonite at Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Mature Bone Sifter at Terokkar Forest
  • Marshfang Slicer at Zangarmarsh

The Collapsible Crossbow is the same model as:

  1. Crystalline Crossbow (level 100 item, level 70 players)
  2. Hand of Argus Crossfire (level 16 item, level 10 players)
  3. Mighty Crossbow (level 102 item, level 64 players)
  4. Spymaster’s Crossbow (level 108 item, level 67 players)
  5. Dalaran Crossbow (level 80 item, level 70 players)
  6. Exodar Crossbow (level 5 item, level 2 players)


Crossbow of the Albatross

Not to degrade this item but it is a puny weapon both in looks and actual performance. In patch 2.0.1, this Alliance side level 10 item that cannot be disenchanted was added. It is a reward from Show Gnomercy (level 10, required player level is 5). It will bind when picked up but does not bring any random enchantments. Its speed is at 2.50 and it can only muster 5.8 damage per second (14-15 Damage) to targets. The Crossbow of the Albatross also has one of the lowest scores in durability in the whole of World of Warcraft. This item is sold for 1 Gold and 4 Silver.

This WoW item is similar to these 9 other models:

  1. Truestrike Crossbow (level 115 item, level 70 players)
  2. Arugoo’s Crossbow of Destruction (level 12 item, level 8 players)
  3. Barreled Crossbow (level 114 item, level 68 players)
  4. Citadel Crossbow (level 90 item, level 60 players)
  5. Crossbow of the Hand (level 20 item, level 18 players)
  6. Expedition Repeater (level 93 item, level 61 players)
  7. Ironstar Repeater (level 93 item, level 61 players)
  8. Ram’s Head Crossbow (level 84 item, level 58 players)
  9. Draenic Light Crossbow (level 71 item, level 60 players)

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