World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Guns – Part 6

In World of Warcraft, having weapons that can strike targets from a given distance is advantageous. In these instances, guns will come in handy as they are powerful enough to inflict real danger or damage to targets even when fired at a specific distance.


Deadeye’s Piece

Deadeye’s Piece is a ranged weapon that gives average performance. It was added in patch 2.0.1 as a level 80 item that will bind to a character when picked up. It is a reward from 2 quests named “Thinning the Ranks” and “What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar” that both require level 62 players. When it binds, it increases the strength of the character by as much as 6 and when equipped, it will increase the hit rating by 6 and critical strike rating by 5. It has a speed rating of 5 and could inflict 57.6 damage per second or from 100-188 total health damage. Deadeye’s Piece is the same model as 17 other weapons, these are:

  1. The Purifier (level 60 item)
  2. Shadowforge Bushmaster (level 40 item, level 35 players)
  3. Blasting Hackbut (level 37 item, level 35 players)
  4. Burnside Rifle (level 56 item, level 51 players)
  5. Confiscated Poacher’s Gun (level 52 item, level 49 players)
  6. Dwarven Fishing Pole (level 19 item)
  7. Farmer Darson’s Shotgun (level 56 item)
  8. Flash Rifle (level 37 item)
  9. Loose Cannon (level 33 item, level 30 players)
  10. Sen’jin Longrifle (level 114 item, level 68 players)
  11. Shrapnel Blaster (level 40 item)
  12. Thorium Rifle (level 52 item, level 47 players)
  13. Umi’s Masterful Shooter (level 51 item, level 50 players)
  14. BKP 42 “Ultra” (level 36 item, level 31 players)
  15. Primed Musket (level 57 item, level 52 players)
  16. Rusted Musket (level 69 item, level 64 players)
  17. Sentinel Musket (level 43 item, level 38 players)


Deadly Blunderbuss

As a ranged weapon, Deadly Blunderbuss is not a very effective one as it can only inflict little damage to its target. It is a level 21 item that requires level 16 players. It binds when equipped but does not bring any random enchantments to the character. The gun has 2.60 speed but could only inflict 13.8 damage per second or 25-47 damage to targets. If possible, use other weapons that are more powerful than the Deadly Blunderbuss. It sells for 11 Gold and 79 Silver. It is the same as 25 other models so you might want to try them out.

  1. Nail Spitter (level 45 item)
  2. “Mage-Eye” Blunderbuss (level 31 item, level 26 players)
  3. BKP “Sparrow” Smallbore (level 33 item, level 28 players)
  4. Compact Shotgun (level 13 item, level 8 players)
  5. Falfindel’s Blaster (level 31 item)
  6. Hunter’s Muzzle Loader (level 19 item, level 14 players)
  7. Lovingly Crafted Boomstick (level 24 item, level 19 players)
  8. Nesingwary Longrifle (level 111 item, level 67 players)
  9. Ricochet Blunderbuss (level 48 item, level 43 players)
  10. Rough Boonstick (level 10 item, level 5 players)
  11. Skorn’s Rifle (level 12 item, level 6 players)
  12. Smoothbore Gun (level 39 item, level 34 players)
  13. Anvilmar Musket (level 4 item)
  14. Hunter’s Boomstick (level 14 item, level 9 players)
  15. Hunting Rifle (level 9 item, level 4 players)
  16. Light Hunting Rifle (level 5 item)
  17. Longstalker’s Rifle (level 3 item)
  18. Old Blunderbuss (level 2 item)
  19. Ornate Blunderbuss (level 9 item, level 4 players)
  20. Pellet Rifle (level 7 item, level 2 players)
  21. Solid Blunderbuss (level 3 item)
  22. Whamo Kablamo (level 8 item)
  23. Cheap Blunderbuss (level 13 item, level 8 players)
  24. Dirty Blunderbuss (level 18 item, level 13 players)
  25. Rust-Covered Blunderbuss (level 7 item, level 2 players)


Dirty Blunderbuss

By the looks of this weapon, you could not really expect it to be powerful and that is true. In fact, the Dirty Blunderbuss is such a weak weapon. This level 18 ranged WoW weapon will bind to characters in the 18th level or higher. Its speed ticks at 2.20 and could bestow 7.2 damage per second (11-21 damage) one of the puniest striking prowess in World of Warcraft. Moreover, its durability is also disappointing albeit it is also one that you can expect from a weapon with such weak prowess. It sells for 3 Gold and 35 Silver. You can pick this up from over 200 characters that has dropped it; the list includes:

  • Gnasher at Loch Modan
  • Worgen Commando at Silverpine Forest
  • Thule Ravenclaw at Silverpine Forest
  • Twilight Thug at Darkshore
  • Xavian Rogue at Ashenvale
  • Windshear Vermin at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Fallenroot Rogue at Blackfathom Deeps
  • Stonewing Tracker at Ghostlands
  • Ol’ Gummers at Elwynn Forest, Retridge Mountains and Stormwind City
  • Raging Rot Hide at Silverpine Forest
  • Defias Highwayman at Westfall
  • Venture Co. Operator at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Avatar of Soggoth at Darkshore
  • Legashi Rogue at Azshara
  • Warlord Krom’zar at the Northern Barrens
  • Deviate Shambler at Wailing Caverns
  • Blackrock Shadowcaster at Retridge Mountains
  • Canyon Ettin at Retridge Mountains
  • Blackrock Gladiator at Retridge Mountains
  • Mirdoran the Fallen at Ghostlands
  • Eye of Dar’Khan at Ghostlands
  • Sunhawk Saboteur at Bloodmyst Isle
  • Fallenroot Satyr at Blackfathom Deeps
  • Defias Digger at The Deadmines
  • Burning Blade Bruiser at the Northern Barrens
  • Venture Co. Logger at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Hillsbrad Miner at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Matis the Cruel at Bloodmyst Isle
  • Utroka the Keymistress at Retridge Mountains
  • Borgoth the Bloodletter at Ghostlands
  • Twilight Encroacher at Loch Modan
  • Sharaz the Defiler at Darkshore
  • Yoth’al the Devourer at Darkshore
  • Overseer Glibby at the Northern Barrens
  • Crown Thug at Silverpine Forest and Darkshore
  • Defias Watchman at The Deadmines
  • Wrathtail Wave Rider at Ashenvale and Blackfathom Deeps


Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle

This magnificent purple and green gun has a striking prowess that is as magnificent as its looks. Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle is one of the more powerful guns in the game that was added in patch 2.0.1. It is a level 100 item that requires players to attain at least the 70th level or higher. When equipped, Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle will increase your attack power by a whopping 250 for 10 seconds each time you make a ranged attack. Its speed ticks at 2.70 and it could inflict 105.7 damage per second or from 199 to 371 total health damage. Aside from its very powerful attacking and damage infliction powers, Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle is also known for its durability as it has one of the highest durability ratings in the game. You can buy this item for 7 Gold, 54 Silver, and 16 Gold or pick up this item from over 113 characters in the game including:

  • Arcane Protector at Karazhan
  • Coilskar Soothsayer at the Black Temple
  • Tidealker Hydromancer at Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Skettis Windwalker at Terokkar Forest
  • Gronn-Priest at Gruul’s Lair
  • Sunblade Protector at Sunwell Plateau
  • Angered Skeleton at Auchenai Crypts
  • Sethekk Shaman at Sethekk Halls
  • Star Scryer at The Eye
  • Ashtongue Primalist at the Black Temple
  • Dragonmaw Wind Reaver
  • Ethereal Thief at Karazhan
  • Tempest-Forge Destroyer at The Mechanar
  • Vashj’ir Honor Guard at Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Shadowmoon Technician at The Blood Furnace
  • Spectral Stable Hand at Karazhan
  • Durnholde Warden at Old Hillsbrad Foothill
  • Cabal Cultist at Shadow Labyrinth
  • Skettis Soulcaller at Terokkar Forest
  • Time-Lost Skettis Worshipper at Terokkar Forest
  • Bog Overlord at The Steamvault
  • Durnholde Rifleman at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Fen Ray at The Underbog
  • Sethekk Guard at Sethekk halls
  • Shattered Hand Reaver at The Shattered Halls
  • Shattered Hand Warhound at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Skettis Wing Guard at Terokkar Forest
  • Sunblade Mage Guard at Magisters’ Terrace
  • Sunseeker Researcher at The Botanica
  • Amani’shi Beast Tamer at Zul’Aman
  • Apprentice Star Scryer at The Eye
  • Bleeding Hollow Scryer at Hellfire Ramparts
  • Coilfang Collaborator at The Slave Pens
  • Crazed Murkblood Miner at Shadowmoon Valley
  • Durnholde Veteran at Old Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Deathshadow Archon at Nagrand
  • Ethereal Crypt Raider at Mana-Tombs
  • Ethereal Theurgist at Mana-Tombs
  • Gargoyle at Hyjal Summit
  • Laughing Skull Enforcer at The Blood Furnace
  • Irespeaker at Ise of Quel’Danas
  • Rift Lord at The Black Morass
  • Shadowmoon Darkcaster at The Shattered Halls
  • Shadowmoon Summoner at The Blood Furnace
  • Shattered Hand Assassin at The Shattered Halls
  • Shattered Hand Gladiator at The Shattered Halls


Dragonbreath Hand Cannon

Dragonbreath Hand Cannon is a powerful level 75 ranged WoW item that binds to characters (60th level or higher) when picked up and will increase agility by 14 and stamina by 7. It has a speed rating of 2.80 and it could inflict 73.4 damage per second or form 143 to 268 total health damages to its target. Dragonbreath Hand Cannon is also one of the most durable guns in the game having the same durability rating as Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle. It sells for 6 Gold, 20 Silver, and 10 Bronze and it was dropped by Ebonroc in Blackwing Lair.

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