World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Guns – Part 9

Guns are known for its ability to strike its target even from a distance. However, it is also known that unlike Bows and Crossbows (similar ranged weapon categories) guns emit a louder sound when a bullet goes out of its nozzle. This means that it will easily give your location to your target enemy and will potentially be harmful for you instead of beneficial. This is why you should avoid using guns that are not powerful enough to strike a dangerous life-threatening blow to your enemy. What you should use are guns that are very powerful like the guns listed in this article. So, continue reading.


Felsteel Boomstick

Felsteel Boomstick is one of the more powerful ranged weapons in World of Warcraft. It is a very unassuming looking level 108 item that will bind when equipped to characters in the 70th level or higher. When equipped, Felsteel Boomstick will increase the stamina of the character by as much as 12 points and the critical strike rating by as much as 13. This gun has a speed rating of 2.40 and could potentially induce 86.5 damage per second or from 145 to 270 Damage to its target. Aside from those facts, Felsteel Boomstick is also a durable weapon so players need not worry about it getting destroyed easily in the game. This item is the same as 6 other models; they are:

  1. Veteran’s Musket (level 100 item, level 70 players)
  2. Hemet’s Elekk Gun (level 103 item, level 64 players)
  3. Big-Boar Battle Rifle (level 120 item, level 70 players)
  4. Grubby Gun (level 42 item, level 39 players)
  5. Longboard Rifle (level 84 item, level 58 players)
  6. PC-54 Shotgun (level 93 item, level 61 players)


“Mage-Eye” Blunderbuss

Certainly an item that is quite popular in the game the “Mage-Eye” Blunderbuss is that you will think that it is the most powerful gun in WoW; but how wrong you are if you ever thought of that because this weapon is the extreme opposite of powerful. In fact, the “Mage-Eye” Blunderbuss is looking fragile and performing weakly. This level 31 item will bind to a character with level 26 when equipped. As stated, it is so weak as proven by the 2.80 speed rating and the 21.1 damage per second infliction powers (41-77 Damage). Furthermore, the durability of the device is below average. This item sells for 37 Gold and 69 Silver but can also be fished in Desolace or can also be picked up from these characters (they are about 200 and only few are listed here):

  • Dalaran Shield Guard
  • Enraged Reef Crawler at Desolace
  • Ferocious Yeti at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Haunting Phantasm at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Scale Belly at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Scargil at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Azzere the Skyblade at the Southern Barrens
  • Merchant Kendra at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Anguished Dead at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Scarlet Tracking Hound at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Henry Zykes at the Southern Barrens
  • Night Elf Mage at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Mogh the Dead at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Dark Iron Agent at Gnomeregan
  • Peacekeeper Security Suit at Gnomeregan
  • Azshir the Sleepless at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Hatefury Rogue at Desolace
  • Bristleback Bladewarden at the Southern Barrens
  • Ironback at The Hinterlands
  • Venture Co. Foreman at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Rageroar Grunt at the Southern Barrens
  • Arcane Nullifier X-21 at Gnomeregan
  • Bloodsail Swashbuckler at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Northwatch Siege Engineer at the Southern Barrens
  • Slitherblade Myrmidon at Desolace
  • Unfettered Spirit at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Hunter Hill Scout at the Southern Barrens
  • Rageroar Lieutenant at the Southern Barrens and Northern Barrens
  • Wildhammer Shaman at The Hinterlands
  • Prince Kellen at Desolace
  • Scarlet Scout at Tirisfal Glades and Scarlet Monastery
  • Geomancer Flintdagger at Arathi Highlands
  • Bloodsail Swabby at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Bloodsail Warlock at The Cape of Stranglethorn and Stranglethorn Vale
  • Rageroar Sea Dog
  • Venture Co. Lumberjack at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Scarlet Trainee at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Burning Blade Augur at Desolace
  • Razorfen Warrior at Razorfen Kraul
  • Zanzil Naga at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Venture Co. Miner at Northern Strangelthorn
  • Hatefury Shadowstalker at Desolace
  • Zanzil Witch Doctor at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Myzrael at Arathi Highlands
  • Krom’gar Blood Guard at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Elder Mistvale Gorilla at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Burning Blade Reaver at Desolace
  • Elder Snapjaw Crocolisk
  • Deviate Thornweaver at the Southern Barrens

Same model as:

  1. Nail Spitter (level 45 item)
  2. BKP “Sparrow” Smallbore (level 33 item, level 28 players)
  3. Compact Shotgun (level 13 item, level 8 players)
  4. Deadly Blunderbuss (level 21 item, level 16 players)
  5. Falfindel’s Baster (level 31 item)
  6. Hunter’s Muzzle Loader (level 19 item, level 14 players)
  7. Lovingly Crafted Boomstick (level 24 item, level 19 players)
  8. Nesingwary Longrifle (level 11 item, level 67 players)
  9. Ricochet Blunderbuss (level 48 item, level 43 players)
  10. Rough Boomstick (level 10 item, level 5 players)
  11. Skorn’s Rifle (level 12 item, level 6 players)
  12. Smoothbore Gun (level 39 item, level 34 players)
  13. Anvilmar Musket (level 4 item)
  14. Hunter’s Boomstick (level 14 item, level 9 players)
  15. Hunting Rifle (level 9 item, level 4 players)
  16. Light Hunting Rifle (level 5 item)
  17. Longstalker’s Rifle (level 3 item)
  18. Old Blunderbuss (level 2 item)
  19. Ornate Blunderbuss (level 9 item, level 4 players)
  20. Pellet Rifle (level 7 item, level 2 players)
  21. Solid Blunderbuss (level 3 item)
  22. Whamo Kablamo (level 8 item)
  23. Cheap Blunderbuss (level 13 item, level 8 players)
  24. Dirty Blunderbuss (level 18 item, level 13 players)
  25. Rust-Covered Blunderbuss (level 7 item, level 2 players)


Magnetized Projectile Emitter

This ranged weapon is one that looks like it brings a lot of power and it really does. This level 232 item will only bind to players with level 80 when picked and will automatically increase the agility of the character by 33 and stamina by 55. It also has a Red Socket and a socket bonus worth an additional increase the attack power by 8. When equipped, the Magnetized Projectile Emitter will increase the hit rating of the character by 27 or 0.88%. That is not all as this item is also one of the most durable weapons in the game and is in fact, looking quite strong and not meek. However, the speed of the gun is 3.00 due to its weight and bulkiness. But, its striking prowess would take care of that as it can inflict a whooping 232.7 damage per second to its target enemies or from 288 to 908 total health damage to any character that is unlucky enough to cross its path. Remember though that this item can only be dropped in normal mode by XT-002 Deconstructor at Ulduar. Magnetized Projectile Emitter is the same as 4 other models:

  1. Giant’s Bane (level 232 item, level 80 players)
  2. Mimiron’s Repeater (level 219 item, level 80 players)
  3. Rifle of the Platinum Guard (level 219 item, level 80 players)
  4. Veranus’ Bane (level 232 item, level 80 players)


Mimiron’s Repeater

As mentioned in the previous weapon description, the Mimiron’s Repeater is the same as the Magnetized Projectile Emitter and that is true. In fact, they both look almost the same if not for the difference in their colors. Mimiron’s Repeater is a level 219 item that will binds to level 80 characters when equipped. It will then increase the strength of the bound character by 33 and stamina by a whopping 51 points. When equipped, this item will increase the critical strike rating of the character by as much as 22 or 0.48% and haste rating by 22 or 0.67%. Unlike the other gun, Mimiron’s Repeater is much faster with 2.90 speed rating. However, it is also less powerful but is still more powerful than most guns. At 212.3 damage per second or 430 to 801 Damage, Mimiron’s Repeater can easily threaten the life of its target. It is also a very durable weapon like the other models that are similar to it. Mimiron’s Repeater can be bought for 15 Gold, 28 Silver, and 68 Bronze but can also be picked up from 38 charactersin Ulduar including:

  • Dark Rune Ravager
  • Storm Tempered Keeper
  • Dark Rune Thunderer
  • Twilight Pyromancer
  • Faceless Horror
  • Twilight Frost Mage
  • Winter Rumbler
  • Clockwork Sapper
  • Twilight Slayer
  • Twilight Adherent
  • Twilight Guardian
  • Hardened Iron Golem
  • Ironroot Lasher
  • Champion of Hodir
  • Lightning Charges Iron Dwarf
  • Winter Revenant
  • Twilight Shadowblade
  • Corrupted Servitor
  • Misguided Nymph
  • Magma Rager
  • Nature’s Blade
  • Molten Colossus
  • Guardian of Life
  • Arachnopod Destroyer
  • Rune Etched Sentry
  • XB-488 Disaposalbot
  • Forge Construct
  • Guardian Lasher
  • XR-949 Salvagebot
  • Iron Mender
  • XD-175 Compactobot
  • Mangrove Ent

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