World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Maces – Part 4

We have come to the fourth part of the Mace article series of this website (for the other articles and other articles series, please check the website directory). By now, you must be wondering if the mechanics for using maces are the same as with other World of Warcraft weapons. Well, they are the virtually the same. Maces can have additional features simply by attaching other articles to it like a weightstone, an enchantment, and even a poison from a Rogue. Maces can be wielded by almost all classes including Shamans, Paladins, Death Knights, Warriors and Druids. However, both the Rogue and Priest classes can only use one-handed maces and not those that are two-handed. Combat Rogues use one-handed mace in their battles as these weapons give better results with their high damage prowess and their high delay. Like swords, maces can also be made through the Blacksmitting process. Through this process also, mace enhancements can be produced. These enhancements include chains and counterweights. Maces on their own cannot kill an enemy nor can it fatally harm your opponent. However, maces are good for first attacks and for destroying your target’s armor. So, here is the continuation of the list we made.



Aurastone Hammer

Quite bleak without its effects, the Aurastone Hammer is definitely not a good looker. Some players believe that the Aruastone Hammer is better used by Paladins because it will prove more useful compared to when it is used by druids, shamans, or priests. However, if you are a Paladin and you have access to a Mageblade or a Hexxer, better choose those over this. The Mageblade wins over the Aurastone Hammer because it is better used for healing. The Aurastone Hammer is a level 69 item that requires players to reach level 60. It binds immediately when picked up and will automatically increase the stamina of the character by 19 ad spirit by 12. When equipped, the Aurastone Hammer will increase the spell power of the character by as much as 31 points. Its speed is not that great as it only has a speed rating of 2.70. It is capable of doing 25.4 damage per second or from 47 to 90 damage. It is a main hand weapon that is sold for 7 Gold, 41 Silver, and 49 Bronze and was dropped by Garr at Molten Core. It is the same model as:

  1. Devout Aurastone Hammer (level 1 item, level 80 players)
  2. Diamond-Core Sledgemace (level 88 item, level 61 players)
  3. Mogor’s Anointing Club (level 103 item, level 65 players)


Barbed Club

The Barbed Club does not look barbed at all. This is an elegant mace in World of Warcraft but is not powerful. It is a level 19 WoW item that requires level 44 players. The Barbed Club is a main hand weapon that binds to the character when equipped and brings in an assortment of random enchantments like the increase in stamina by 2 to 3 and strength by 2 to 3. Its speed ticks at 2.30 and it can inflict 9.6 damage per second or from 15 to 29 damage. Durability wise, the Barbed Club is very poor. In fact, it has one of the lowest durability ratings in the game. The Barbed Club can be fished in Stormwind City, Orgrimmar, Ironforge, Azshara, and Dun Morogh. You can also find the Barbed Club contained in these things:

  • Large Battered Chest at Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep, and The Deadmines
  • Silverbound Treasure Chest at Northern Barrens, Loch Modan, and Southern Barrens
  • Kolkar’s Booty at Northern Barrens
  • Runestone Treasure Chest at Darkshore, Feralas, and Shimmering Expanse

The Barbed Club is sold for 12 Gold and 19 Silver and was dropped by 200 characters in the game. The characters include:

  • Dark Iron Sapper
  • Son of Arugal
  • Druid of the Fang at Wailing Caverns
  • Deviate Shambler at Wailing Caverns
  • Vile Bat
  • Blackrock Shadowcaster at Retridge Mountains
  • Deviate Viper at Wailing Caverns
  • Spitebone Guardian at Shadowfang Keep
  • Jurion the Deceiver at Ghostlands
  • Fel Steed at Shadowfang Keep
  • Deviate Adder at Wailing Caverns
  • Emogg the Crusher at Loch Modan
  • Deviate Dreadfang at Wailing Caverns
  • Fetid Ghoul at Shadowfang Keep
  • Sorcerous Skeleton at Shadowfang Keep
  • Blackrock Sentry at Retridge Mountains
  • Avatar of Soggoth at Darkshore
  • Worgen Warbringer at Silverpine Forest
  • Nightmare Ectoplasm at Wailing Caverns
  • Dark Iron Holdout at Wetlands
  • Corpse Eater at Shadowfang Keep
  • Hillsbrad Miner at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Haunted Servitor at Shadowfang Keep
  • Wrathtail Razortail at Ashenvale
  • Blackrock Guard at Retridge Mountains
  • Geoshaper Maren at Loch Modan
  • Baron Longshore at Northern Barrens
  • Darkscale Siren at Darkshore
  • Talrendis Lorekeeper at Azshara
  • Pustulant Monstrosity at Shadowfang Keep
  • Sharax the Defiler at Darkshore
  • Deviate Faerie Dragon at Wailing Caverns
  • Mariel Dawnsong at Azshara
  • Stone Steeper at Shadowfang Keep
  • 7th Legion Scout at Silverpine Forest
  • Talrendis Sentinel at Azshara
  • Rabid Shadowhide Gnoll at Retridge Mountains
  • Borgoth the Bloodletter at Ghostlands
  • Zarakh at Bloodmyst Isle
  • Muckgill at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Ritualist Tarak at Retridge Mountains
  • Warsong Grunt at Ashenvale
  • Hillsbrad Sentry at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Eye of Dar’Khan at Ghostlands
  • Hezrul Bloodmark at Northern Barrens
  • General Fangore at Retridge Mountains
  • Axxarien Trickster Bloodmyst Isle
  • Deviate Python at Wailing Caverns
  • Cliff Crasher at Azshara
  • Risen Hillsbrad Peasant at Hillsbrad Foothills

The Barbed Club is similar model to these other WoW items:

  1. Swiftstrike Cudgel (level 56 item)
  2. Bookmarker’s Scepter (level 37 item)
  3. Diamond-Tip Bludgeon (level 49 item, level 44 players)
  4. Shadow Hold Mace (level 46 item, level 44 players)
  5. Stinging Mace (level 11 item)
  6. Wicked Blackjack (level 17 item, level 12 players)
  7. Copper Mace (level 9 item, level 4 players)
  8. Flail (level 25 item, level 20 players)
  9. Studded Blackjack (level 10 item, level 5 players)
  10. Flamewashed Mace (level 175 item, level 74 players)
  11. Rime-Covered Mace (level 125 item, level 74 players)


Baron’s Scepter

For Shamans, the Baron’s Scepter might be the best leveling weapon to be used. Baron’s Scepter looks very ordinary and bleak but is quite a popular and coveted weapon in World of Warcraft. This one hand item is a level 21 mace that will bind to players in the 16th level or higher when it is picke dup. Once it binds, it will automatically increase the character’s strength by 2 and stamina by 3. When equipped, the Baron’s Scepter will increase the hit rating by 2 or 1.39%. Its speed is rated at 2.40 and it can inflict 14.1 damage per second which is equivalent to 23 to 45 total health damage. However, the durability of the Baron’s Scepter is quite low though it is still useful for most fights. It is sold for 18 Gold and 88 Silver. It was dropped by 2 characters at Shadowfang Keep at Baron Silverlaine and Baron Ashbury.

The Baron’s Scepter is the same model as these 8 WoW items:

  1. Death Speaker Scepter (level 35 item, level 30 players)
  2. Carved Stone Mace (level 13 item, level 14 players)
  3. Kovork’s Rattle (level 35 item, level 30 players)
  4. Naaru Lightmace (level 81 item, level 57 players)
  5. Shadowhide Mace (level 22 item, level 17 players)
  6. Solid Metal Club (level 10 item, level 7 players)
  7. Umbral Mace (level 15 item)
  8. Billy Club (level 9 item, level 4 players)


Battle-Mace of the High Priestess

This WoW mace is a beautiful and elegant one that packs just the right amount of power. Added to the game via patch 2.4.0, the Battle-Mace of the High Priestess proves quite useful. This level 115 item will bind to level 70 character’s when picked up and will automatically increase the character’s stamina by 21 and a Red Socket bonus of additional 2 points in spirit. When equipped, the Battle-Mace of the High Priestess will increase the character’s haste rating by 15 or 0.95% and spell power by a whopping 190 points. The speed of the Battle-Mace of the Priestess ticks at 1.30 and it can inflict 35.9 damage per second equivalent to 57 to 108 damage to targets. Its durability is also quite though not yet at par with some of the best weapons in World of Warcraft. It is sold for 8 Gold, 92 Silver, and 7 Bronze and was dropped by Priestess Delrissa at Magisters’ Terrace in Normal mode.

The Battle-Mace of the High Priestess is similar to these 7 other WoW items:

  • Apexis Crystal Mace (level 115 item, level 70 players)
  • K’iru’s Presage (level 115 item, level 70 players)
  • Sky Breaker (level 115 item, level 68 players)
  • Death Star (level 3 item, level 3 players)
  • Fist of Argus (level 16 item, level 10 players)
  • Lesser Sledgemace (level 102 item, level 64 players)
  • McWeaksauce’s Meat Tenderizer (level 10 item, level 5 players)


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