World of Warcraft Weapons Guide: Maces – Part 6

This is now the 6th part of the article series focusing on Maces in World of Warcraft. If you are wondering what we are going to talk about here and is quite lost at the moment then you better read the articles before this (go to the end of this article and click on the links). So, without further ado, let us continue.


Blackrock Mace

Blackrock Mace is a very simple looking bow with basic powers. This WoW item was added to the game armory in patch 1.11.1 and is a level 21 item. The Blackrock Mace requires level 16 players before it binds to a player when equipped. It is a one-hand weapon that will increase the strength of the character that is bound to it by 3. It has a speed rating of 2.50 and it can inflict only 10.6 damage per second or from 18 – 25 Damage to its targets. The durability of the Blackrock Mace is also quite low as expected for a WoW mace with this kind of level. It is sold for 16 Gold and 81 Silver and was dropped by 2 characters at the Retridge Mountains: Blackrock Sentry and Blackrock Renegade. The Blackrock Mace is a similar model to these other items:

  1. Weighted Step (level 20 item, level 15 players)
  2. Bonegrinding Pestle (level 16 item)
  3. Divine Hammer (level 114 item, level 68 players)
  4. Heavy Mace (level 12 item, level 7 players)
  5. Penumatic War Hammer (level 87 item, level 59 players)
  6. Neophyte’s Mace (level 2 item)
  7. Rock Mace (level 5 item)


Bludgeoning Cudgel

The Bludgeoning Cudgel is akin to Blackrock Mace because of its power and its look. The Blackrock Mace sports a crystal-like appearance while the Bludgeoning Cudgel sports a wooden look but their over-all made and appearance is the same. The Bludgeoning Cudgel is a level 22 main hand mace that will bind to level 17 players. It has a speed of 1.80 and can do 6.7 damage per second or from 8 to 16 Damage to its victims. It is not much so as with the durability of the Bludgeonin Cudgel because it really is a basic mace. It is sold for 7 Gold and 79 Silver and was dropped by over 200 characters in the game. The characters include:

  • Windshear Overlord
  • Thagg at Ashenvale
  • Chol’sul
  • XT:9
  • Writhing Terror at Duskwood
  • Gath’Ilzogg at Retridge Mountains
  • Fallenroot Hellcaller at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Fallenroot Shadowstalker at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Murkshallow Snapclaw at Blackfathom Deeps
  • Branch Snapper at Ashenvale
  • Blackfathom Sea Witch at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Twilight Elementalist at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Yetimus the Yeti Lord at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Morbent Fel at Duskwood
  • Lorgus Jett at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Teracula at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • The Ray-Getz-Kalaba Monstrosity at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Twilight Shadowmage at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Blindlight Muckdweller at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • Twilight Loreseeker at the Blackfathom Deeps
  • SI:7 Operative at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Dragonmaw Swamprunner at Wetlands
  • Luzran at Ghostlands
  • Dar’Khan Drathir at Ghostlands
  • Shifty Thief
  • Vicious Thug
  • Rumbling Earth
  • Blindlight Felsworn at Blackfathom Deeps
  • Felmusk Felsworn at Ashenvale
  • Infernus at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Gazz the Loch-Hunter at Wetlands
  • Twilight Rifleman at Wetlands
  • Dextren Ward
  • Bone Chewer at Duskwood
  • Enraged Fire Elemental
  • Bloodfang Forsaken Hunter at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Krom’gar Incinerator at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Kurzen Commando at the Northern Stranglethorn
  • Bloodvenom at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Zephyrus at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Shadumbra at Ashenvale
  • Razormaw Matriarch at Wetlands
  • Witehrbark Troll at Arathi Highlands
  • Dragonmaw Whelpstealer at Wetlands
  • Nightbane Shadow Weaver at Duskwood
  • Nightbane Tainted One at Duskwood
  • Nightbane Vile Fang at Duskwood
  • Thistlefur Shaman at Ashenvale
  • Mosshide Gnoll at Wetlands
  • Splinter Fist Firemonger at Duskwood
  • Splinter Fist Warrior at Duskwood
  • Splinter Fist Ogre at Duskwood
  • Thistlefur Ursa at Ashenvale

The Bludgeoning Cudgen is contained in these 2 items:

  • Large Iron Bound Chest at the Scarlet Monster, Razorfen Kraul, and Blackfathom Deeps
  • Solid Chest at the Stranglethorn Vale, Tanaris, and Winterspring

The Bludgeoning Cudgen is similar to these other WoW items:

  1. Fight Club (level 39 item, level 34 players)
  2. Serenity (level 57 item, level 52 players)
  3. Beast Clobberer (level 53 item, level 49 players)
  4. Bruiser Club (level 22 item, level 17 players)
  5. Clout Mace (level  54 item, level 49 players)
  6. Stone Club (level 40 item, level 35 players)
  7. Noboru’s Cudgel (level 34 item, level 29 players)
  8. Corroded Mace (level 69 item, level 64 players)
  9. Truncheon (level 34 item, level 29 players)
  10. Hardwood Cudgel (level 20 item)
  11. Blunting Mace (level 54 item, level 49 players)
  12. Wicked Spiked Mace (level 25 item, level 20 players)
  13. Fish Stunner (level 27 item, level 25 players)


Bulky Bludgeon

There is really nothing more to say about the Bulky Bludgeon aside from few specifications. Why? This is because the Bulky Bludgeon is a fairly basic World of Warcraft mace with very basic and simple powers. Plus, it looks very simple also – just the normal mace that you can see. The Bulky Bludgeon is a level 28 item that will bind to level 23 players when picked up. It is a main hand item that has a rated speed of 2.80 which is fairly average for most maces. Its damage prowess is only up to 8.8 damage per second or from 17 to 33 health damage. This is actually not that much disappointing considering its item level. Moreover, the durability of the Bulky Bludgeon is something that you can expect for a level 23 World of Warcraft item. However, the Bulky Bludgeon is noticeably more useful than other maces with similar or closer levels. The durability rating itself is a proof as other weapons that are in the same level or caliber as the Bulky Bludgeon has a poorer durability rating. It does not mean though that the Bulky Bludgeon is more effective in battles. It just means that the Bulky Bludgeon has quite an edge over those over World of Warcraft weapons.

  • Migstrate Burnside
  • Grand Magus Doane
  • Dun Garok Priest
  • Peacekeeper Security Suit at Gnomeregan
  • Arcane Nullifier X-21 at Gnomeregan
  • Krom’gar Witch Doctor at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Scarlet Scryer at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Dark Iron Ambassador at Gnomeregan
  • Anguished Dead at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Irradiated Pillager at Gnomeregan
  • Caverndeep Reaver at Gnomeregan
  • Scarlet Torturer at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Haunting Phantasm at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Dark Iron Agent at Gnomeregan
  • Mosh’Ogg Shaman at the Northern Stranglethorn
  • Leprous Defender at Gnomeregan
  • Holdout Warrior at Gnomeregan
  • Cragjaw at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Blood of Agamaggan at Razorfen Kraul
  • Mogh the Dead at the Northern Stranglethorn
  • Krom’gar Warrior at Stonetalon Mountians
  • Cenarion Druid at Stonetalon Mountians
  • Dark Iron Dwarf
  • Lo’Grosh at Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Allendrill Fallcreek at Stonetalon Mountians
  • Venture Co. Foreman at the Northern Stranglethorn
  • Isha Awak at the Northern Barrens
  • Scarlet Trainee at the Scarlet Monastery
  • Dabyrie Laborer at Arathi Highlands
  • Hammerfall Peon at Arathi Highlands
  • Grimtotem Spirit Wolf at Dustwallow Marsh
  • Venture Co. Tinkerer at the Northern Stranglethorn
  • Grimtotem Ruffian at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Molok the Crusher at Arathi Highlands
  • Tower Warden at the Southern Barrens
  • Boulderslide Geomancer at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Krom’gar Assassin at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Honor’s Stand Footman at the Southern Barrens
  • Thundering Exile at Arathi Highlands
  • Enraged Highborne Spirit at Stonetalon Mountains
  • Hunter Hill Scout at the Southern Barrens
  • Rageroar Sea Dog at Northern Barrens
  • Skullsplitter Spiritchaser at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Skullsplitter Headhunter at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Honor’s Stand Officer at the Southern Barrens
  • Venture Co. Lumberjack at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Apothecary Jorell at Arathi Highlands
  • Chief Esquivel at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Saltscale Tide Lord at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Venture Co. Geologist at Northern Stranglethorn
  • Naga Explorer at The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Witherbark Headhunter at Arathi Highlands
  • Darnassian Scout at Stonetalon Mountains

The Bulky Bludgeon is also contained in:

  1. Weapon Crate at Eversong Woods, Scarlet Monastery, and Blackfathom Deeps
  2. Large Iron Bound Chest at Scarlet Monastery, Razorfen Kraul, and Blackfathom Deeps

This WoW mace is similar to these other WoW items:

  1. Hammer (level 21 item, level 16 players)
  2. Ogre Tapper (level 54 item, level 52 players)
  3. Cookie’s Meat Mallet (level 17 item, level 15 players)
  4. Rubibium Hammer (level 52 item, level 47 players)
  5. Ghoul Hammer (level 18 item, level 13 players)
  6. Iridescent Hammer (level 28 item, level 23 players)
  7. Plaguewood Mace (level 44 item, level 41 players)
  8. Gnoll Punisher (level 17 item, level 12 players)
  9. Block Mallet (level 22 item, level 17 players)
  10. Cranial Thumper (level 12 item, level 7 players)


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